How to Get the Most Out of Junking Your Car


Junking Your Car

If you have to sell a car to a junkyard, you’ll want to receive the most money you can for the damaged vehicle. There are a few things you can do to achieve this, whether your car has been in an accident or is just old and worn out. Buyers of junk cars are often looking for something specific that they can use or at specific parts of your vehicle. To get as much as you can, it is important to know your value.

However, with so many junkyards out there, it can be tough knowing which ones are fair and which ones are just out to rip you off. If you’re looking for a great deal, here’s a rundown of how to get the most when junking your car.

Get in Touch with Local Scrap Yards

Find nearby junkyards and salvage yards in the Yellow Pages. For example, if you’re from Pennsylvania, and living in the Philadelphia region, find all of the local junkyards and salvage yards that are in your vicinity. You can do this for the sole reason that you can deliver and sell your junk car for cash in Philadelphia without considerable difficulty or expense.

Get in touch with all the local junkyards and let them know you want to sell a car. Provide them with the vehicle’s specifics, including its make and model and the kind of damage it sustained. If you want a fair quote for your car, you should be as honest and precise as possible while answering all the questions they may ask you.

Use Only Legally Recognized Scrap Yards

While it may seem tempting to engage with an unauthorized business that offers you more money, it is recommended to play it safe and always work with licensed junkyards.

Unaware sellers have often fallen victim to scams perpetrated by unscrupulous companies that take advantage of their lack of expertise.

If you want to avoid hassle or financial loss, check that the business you’re dealing with is real and authorized to operate in your state.

Consider the Current Market Value of Scrap Metal

You should aim to plan your sale with a peak in the market, since the price of scrap metal swings like the stock market.

You should attempt to utilize the price of scrap metal, which is often about $150 per tonne, as a foundation when considering whether or not you should make a move right away or hold off the offer for a while.

Get Purchase Proposals

If the junkyards are interested in purchasing your car, they will most likely give you an offer over the phone if they want to purchase it. Avoid dealing with junkyards that require you to bring your car in for an estimate. This may only increase the price at which you have to sell the car.

Analyze the Market and Find the Best Deals

Once you’ve gotten quotes from many junkyards, you can figure out who will give you the best price by factoring in your estimated delivery costs. As long as the car can be driven safely, this shouldn’t be a major concern. The rental cost of a truck or tow vehicle will be affected by how far you have to drive.

Make Sure Everything Is In Order Before You Give The Keys

Check the car inside and out to ensure that no personal belongings or paperwork are left behind before handing it over to the next owner.

Be sure that you have removed anything that you may wish to keep before signing over the title since you will likely not have access to the vehicle again.


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