How to Develop an Uber Taxi Booking App Clone for Business Growth?


The San Francisco-based organization has expanded its operations in more than 900 countries in a span of 11 years. It has revolutionized the way people travel and book uber taxis. They have taken the complete process to simple online booking. With the ease of opting for such services and world-class customer experience, many other small-scale taxi booking service providers seek assistance from enterprise mobility services providers who would develop an app that would only support business growth and great ROI. Uber surely has one of the most popular success stories of our times.

If you are into the uber taxi booking service providing industry and want to take your business one step ahead, then having a mobile application that does so would be the wisest move you want to make. 

How to Make an Uber Taxi Booking Clone App? 

Uber is the pioneer of uber taxibooking apps. It has made technology available to people from all walks of life. Here the expert hybrid app developers share a few points that other businesses can take as a cue to elevate their businesses to new heights.  

  1. Create an MVP
  2. Code smartly and slowly.
  3. Work on a functional prototype rather than a final app.
  4. List down the important aspects involved in app development
  5. Look for technology stacks and other intricacies of app development. 
  6. Features of User Panel, Admin Panel, and Driver Panel of the app.
  7. Create a budget that doesn’t hurt your pocket. 
  8. Generate good revenue from your app. 

Remember we are here talking about developing an app like Uber, feature for feature. The app has reached heights of success because of its advanced applications, consoles, and panels. Let’s talk about each of these one at a time. 

Various Consoles and Panels for Your Uber Taxi booking App

  • Customer Application 

The major advantages that are included under the section are:

  • Rent Your Car:

The customers can rent a car at their ease, according to their budget, destination, and number of travelers. They can specify the duration of the journey and select a car that meets their requirements. 

  • Fare Estimate:

This feature lets the user find an estimate of the cost that they would have to pay for a journey. Also, this tracks how long would the driver take to reach the customer and the destination as well. 

  1. Panic Button: 

It would be great if you assure your customers that they would be having a safe journey and are well watched. In case of emergencies, a panic button is a great relief. 

  • Call Driver:

Let your customers call your driver and make it easier for them to plan the trips and get things done.

  • Driver Application

Your clone app needs to be comfortable for the drivers too. It is important that they too get to explore the functionalities in their favor. Some of the features centered around them are

  • Document Uploading:

The divers can easily upload their documents using your clone app for verification. Admin needs to verify and approve of the driver before she could start serving. 

  • Realtime Map:

When you reach a full-fledged enterprise software development company for mobile app development service, the one thing they would surely integrate with your app is a real-time map. This helps the drivers reach their customers and final destinations without losing path and time. 

  • Track Earnings:

The app keeps a track of the drivers’ earnings so that they do not end up being in the loss. With journey details and mode of payment being specified, it becomes quite easier to record the earnings. 

  • Invoice Details:

An invoice is generated with all the payments and charges included to make sure the driver can verify the expected amount with the paid ones as the month ends. 

  1. Admin Application

Now that we have talked about drivers and customers and their needs let’s now see what your app should have for the admins. 

  1. Admin Dashboard:

With real-time data, graphical insights, and track reports making the uber taxi services hassle-free for customers and drivers.


  1. Mark Different Zones:

Admin can mark various zones depending upon the priority of the destination. For example, a zone is marked green if it has an airport or station. This makes it easier for the customer to choose from the nearby available cabs. 


III. Approved and Unapproved Documents 

Record approved and unapproved documents with the admin make it easier to work with various drivers and track their records. 


  1. Scheduled Requests

Admin can track scheduled requests and how things can be processed. It is easier for them to track how customers and drivers interact. 


Well, these are just a few key points that make an Uber clone app interesting and user-friendly in all aspects. Let’s now further explore the technologies that you need to integrate with the app. 

Technologies to Use in Uber Clone App

We are well acquainted with the key features of the Uber clone app. To bring these features to working reality, on-demand mobile application development experts put to use various technologies. Some of them are: 


  1. Geolocation Integration

The most significant feature of the app is geolocation tracking. It facilitates the customer to track how far the driver is and helps drivers reach the destination in the shortest time available. With the technology, the riders can share their location with their loved ones making them feel safe and secure. 

  1. Notifications

Integrating notifications is important for your app as it alerts the driver of the pickups nearby and customers about the cab timings. This keeps both the driver and the customer assured of the journey. 


  1. Scheduling

You can pre-book your cab and have a safe journey. Also, you’ll be notified and reminded of your schedule an hour before the scheduled time. 


  1. Payment Integration

Various modes of payment are integrated into your app to make it easier for the customers to make payments. They can choose any e-wallet or card or cash as a mode of payment. 


  1. Reviews

Tracking and recording reviews make it easier for the admin to see if any of their drivers are facing any issues. Also, it lets them decide if the customers are fine or are they creating troubles for the drivers. 


With such simple integrations, you can bring to the table a great business uber taxi model that would serve like Uber. 

The Final Words!

Coming up with an app clone that’s doing well is a great move. With a little touch of your identity to the app, you can be confident enough to know that you are going to win the business domain. Hire a mobile app development firm that would help you grow your business and bring you great profits. 


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