How to create a mailing list?


You have just created your digital business and you need to get in touch with targeted people to make yourself known and increase your sales? However, spending your nights canvassing to hope to make a living from your business is not an option, you will agree. This activity is time-consuming and not very productive. So, you are looking for a simple and effective tool. Well know that this tool exists! In digital marketing, we talk about capture page, landing page or landing page. Since English is the go-to language for marketing, it’s common to read landing page terms as well. or a squeeze pageBut concretely, what is a capture page? What are the advantages of such a tool for my business? To be effective, what should I put in it?

What is the capture page?

The landing page is a completely self-contained web page. It is used in the commercial strategy of a company in order to accentuate the sale of digital or physical products. It is a marketing tool. Communication and the link with potential customers, otherwise known as prospects, remain the key to a good sales strategy. Social media verification agency succeeding in creating a community of readers and collecting the email addresses of your prospects is the starting point of your sales strategy. The sesame in this approach is to capture the email. This is the beginning of what is called the sales funnel.

When an Internet user lands on the page of your website, it is because his search and his problem, his need “match” with your content, your proposal or your solution. Then, to accompany the visitor in his purchasing process, you must absolutely keep in touch. To do this, on your landing page, you will simply offer to trade the prospect’s contact data for free, quality content that you will have created. In marketing, we call its content lead magnets (otherwise translated as content attracting prospects like magnets):

  • A model;
  • a free discovery video;
  • a video;
  • an eBook;
  • a podcast;
  • a white paper;
  • registration for a free conference.

All types of content can be offered to encourage the reader to continue discovering your universe and convince him to leave his email.

The benefits of a landing page

The one and only function of such a page in marketing is the creation of an email list by capturing, with consent, the visitor’s contact data.

By collecting personal information, the web entrepreneur gives himself the advantage:

  • to increase its visibility, by multiplying contacts;
  • to enlarge its digital community, by bringing together individuals with common interests or problems;
  • to generate qualified traffic by attracting only people interested (leads) in what the infopreneur offers;
  • to increase its conversion rate, by accompanying the prospect in his purchasing process;
  • to automate its action by using an autoresponder (another tool) which will be responsible for simultaneously and automatically broadcasting the same information to the entire email list;
  • to make a good publicity for another of your products but paying this time.

The content of a landing page

All the elements present on this type of web page must engage the visitor. Invite him to take action. For your information, the average conversion rate of a capture page is 9.7% (Unbouncy, 2021). It becomes important to take good care of its content.

The essential

It is quite desirable to use copywriting. To mark the spirits, take care of the following elements:

  • A catchy title and subtitle. Use simple, punchy and powerful words. Pay attention to the selected font.
  • Attractive visuals to mark the minds of prospects. An expression says “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so choose them carefully.
  • A simple and clear text for the presentation of your free content or your product. Remember to describe the advantages, the added value and the solution.
  • A price, that of your offer. Detailing it and being transparent is important for the credibility of your business and your e-reputation.
  • A registration forms. This insert will allow the reader to leave their contact details.
  • call to action (CTA). It is represented by the button on which the potential customer will press digitally to then receive the free content that you offer.


As in all editorial content, it is possible to optimize it.). Here is the list of elements on which you can focus your attention to increase both its SEO and its conversion rate:

  • monitor the responsive design of your landing page;
  • keep your capture page clean of any exit links;
  • use bullet points to talk about the benefits of your product;
  • check the weight of your images, they must not slow down the loading of the web page;
  • insert visual and graphic elements such as arrows, for example. This will attract the reader’s attention and direct their gaze more towards the CTA. This technique, called visual cueing, is a good way to stand out;
  • bring color to the important elements of your capture page;
  • add opinions and testimonials if you have any;
  • increase the power of your page by integrating a video. According to a statistical study from 2018, embedding videos on capture pages increases conversions by 86% (Word Stream, 2018).

In conclusion, building an email list of qualified prospects, that is to say those interested in your content, is the basis in marketing for engaging your contact in a purchasing process. From the entrepreneur’s side of the web, this is step #1 of a multi-level sales strategy. From the moment you have to live from your business, the purpose of your approach is above all commercial. However, the quality of your content must remain a priority. Using technique in marketing is one thing, using your pen to create added value and the power of the words you choose is another. So, don’t forget that the readers who follow you do so primarily for your expertise and your personality!


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