How to Brand Your Home Bar: 5 Best Branding Ideas 2022


Think of your perfect home bar. What is the atmosphere like? Design? What drinks do you serve?

No matter what comes to mind, the success of the establishment relies on how it brands itself.

Branding is something more than just a catchy name. It requires strategic planning and searching for something that will enhance your advantages. But the efforts will pay off in the end when you see your bar thriving.

Learn how to set up the space of your dreams.

  • Personalized beer tap handles

Tap handles are not just tools for beer dispensing.

The custom handles draw attention to the types of beer you serve, as well as emphasize the overall style of the bar.

We recommend personalized beer tap handles. Such products are able to tell a lot of things: from beer varieties to the history of creating a private brewery. 

Offering something unique and quality, your establishment will become more popular. Fortunately, realizing this task is easy. Just contact the Canadian company Xpress Tap Handles, which offers the highest quality beer tap handles, as well as many options for their personalization.

  • Branded patio umbrellas

Like beer tap handles, such products promote your brand to everyone who passes by and also entice them to sit down and enjoy some brews in the cool umbrella shade. 

The huge advantage of such umbrellas is that they “work” outside, attracting those visitors who initially did not think of entering your bar.

  • Seasonal promotions

Your bar probably has some beer varieties, which have already become the hits of the establishment. Add to them seasonal promotions – and the bar will not rebound from customers!

You can organize something like a local Oktoberfest, offer an original menu for Halloween, etc., and don’t forget about the appropriate decor.

  • Original fittings

Next is the choice of stylish fittings for shelves and a bar counter. This is another easy way to add individuality to your establishment.

  • Lighting

When designing a home bar, do not forget about quality work lighting, as well as general lighting, which will make the pub more stylish and original. For example, you can add mirrored surfaces in front of the lamps and thus arrange the necessary bright accents.

Experiment and you will find the solution that will enhance all the advantages of home bar!


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