How To Boost Your Website?


On the web, as in the shopping streets, visibility goes hand in hand with commercial performance. Being well positioned on search engines is like having a physical point of sale in a (very) busy street. How to boost your website?


This article offers you professional advice to maximize the visibility of your site, page, or online store. Messaging, content strategy, improving traffic, text / HTML ratio, local SEO, bounce rate, loading speed … How to boost your website on the web? Follow the guide!


Messaging, A Major Asset To Boost Your Website For Free

When we ask ourselves, “How to boost your website for free? “, We think more about SEO than social networking applications. And yet, integrating instant messaging on its site will delight visitors and, therefore, search engines! Beyond its undeniable advantages for your customer service and your commercial performance, messaging is an interesting ally for your natural referencing and generating better traffic on your pages.


Instant Messaging And Search Engines, A Still Little-Known Link


But what connection can there be between instant messaging and the SEO performance of your website? We will explain it to you. As Google’s search engine algorithms evolve, SEO performance criteria are refined. 

Now, it’s not enough to align keywords and drive traffic to your website to gain visibility. Google studies how the traffic behaves: is it qualified? For this, the search engine is based on the bounce rate indicator. In short, it is a question of measuring the proportion of visitors who leave your website barely a few seconds after the page has loaded. This sends two signals to Google : 


  • First, some pages of your company’s website do not meet the expectations of Internet users. There is, therefore, “deception of the commodity.” They will therefore be demoted on the Google search results page and will lose quality.


  • Then, there could be a technical problem on your website that affects the user experience: site not optimized for mobile, slow loading, etc. Result: the pages of your site lose visibility.

Even with good traffic on your website, these two setbacks will gradually affect your positioning on the search engine results page. The drop in traffic and visibility will be both drastic and lasting. This brings us to the next question …


How Can The Integration Of Messaging Help The Seo Of Your Website? 

It’s simple. Do customers not find what they are looking for on the website of your company? Make a chat window (Live Chat, instant messaging, or both!) Available to them so they can chat with you. For example, you can configure the sending of an automatic message if the user reaches the end of the scroll. Result: customers spend more time on your business site, the bounce rate drops, and the natural referencing of your pages is boosted as well as your visibility!

Earn Positive Customer Reviews Through Messaging

Having positive customer reviews also helps to get better and better traffic on your site or blog. How to boost your website? It’s simple.

  • First of all, average response times to customer questions are listed on Google My Business listings for Google Business Messages or Facebook Pages for Messenger. It is an important indicator of customer service quality. Improve SEO and increase your traffic customer trust by quickly answering message questions from internet users! 
  • But the point of messaging is that you can quickly get positive feedback from internet users! Send us links and advice on buying a new courier by sharing a video or image… that means enriching your content! There’s nothing better than delighting your audience and getting quality reviews from satisfied customers! 


 Messaging, A Complete Marketing Strategy

 On the other hand, integrating instant messaging into your website or online store maximizes business value.


  • 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from an instant messaging company. 
  • 59% of consumers want to use instant messaging more often for online shopping.


This is why we offer you an all-in-one tool to integrate the most used instant messengers to your website in just a few clicks. You will therefore have:


  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google’s Business Messages
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Live Chat.


Take Care Of The Text / HTML Ratio To Optimize Its Natural Referencing

Forget the advertising! Combined with instant messaging, SEO will allow you to generate results more or less quickly. The SEO of your website can not do without recurring content, quality, and tailor-made for your target. As its name suggests, the text / HTML ratio evaluates the size of the “readable” content to that of the website development code. It is generally advisable to have a text / HTML ratio greater than 15%. This is why digital marketing cannot do without content. Indeed, websites that set up a real Inbound Marketing strategy gain over time. Therefore, it is a question of knowing your buyer persona (your target) well to serve them content with high added value. Here is a quick summary of the basics of Inbound Marketing : 

  • Define your buyer personas (target) by interviewing your actual customers or conducting an in-depth marketing study. The objective is to optimize your content creation by targeting the specific needs of visitors;
  • Create blog posts about your business that answer the questions, concerns, and interests of your target;
  • Share the links of your articles on social networks to boost their reach and attract quality traffic;
  • Analyze your website’s browsing data to understand traffic sources and take corrective action if SEO is not delivering the desired results. Is it the content of the articles that is not optimized enough? Or are there broken links?

Optimize The Loading Speed Of Your Website

If you are still creating your website, you will have to make the loading speed a top priority to gain first place in the search engines. Otherwise, you will have to carry out an audit to identify the slowness points that undermine your website’s natural referencing. But where do you start? In fact, websites that have slowness issues should first analyze the following points: 

  • First, are the images properly resized and compressed? Optimizing images is, in fact, too often neglected in SEO. This is by far the most common cause of slowness.
  • Next, look at issues related to JavaScript and jQuery.
  • The content is like Flash, replaced by HTML5.
  • The absence or incorrect use of the cache.
  • Draft and/or redundant development code.
  • The lack of CDN service, especially on international sites.
  • Finally, verify that your hosting service is not faulty or unstable.

Therefore, these points should be checked as a priority, whether you have a Wix, WordPress, Drupal, or Prestashop website. If you are in the process of building your website, now is the perfect time. Otherwise, this review will help boost your business.

Bonus: Other Key Tips To Boost Your Website

Here are some other key tips to improve your website positioning on search engines, your traffic, and your SEO results: 

  • First, create your Google Business listing. It will help you position yourself locally and redirect Internet users with links to your website. Reviews matter too, remember!
  • Then use a semantic optimization tool to improve the positioning of your blog posts on search engines;
  • Optimize your website for navigation on mobile and tablet;
  • Finally, make sure you have the latest version of the plugins and modules used.

You have now understood how to boost your website for free. Now follow our advice, and we have no doubt that your products will be offered as a priority on Google!


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