How to Balance Digital & Traditional Marketing Channels


Digital marketing and digital media trends have helped many businesses to expand. Now, a lot of people wonder if it’s going to overtake traditional marketing. Some might think that traditional marketing is outdated. In fact, it is not. 

To find the best balance for your business, you’ll need to understand the functions and usefulness of both. Your marketing strategy will grow in parallel with your business. So, you should find ways to make use of both digital and traditional marketing channels.

In this blog, you will learn some smart ways to incorporate digital and traditional marketing into your business.

3 Ways to Integrate Online With Offline Marketing

You shouldn’t focus only on online marketing or traditional marketing but rather think about taking advantage of these two. Below you can find some tips on how to do that.

  1. Analyze Your Audience

Knowing your target market is essential for any business. This is true in case of online stores, like Square, because if you do not know what your audience likes the most, you cannot come up with relevant offerings.

So, it is recommended to do market segmentation to know your audience better. You can hire remote assistants to help you with gathering the necessary data. 

For psychographic segmentation, you must reveal their interests, needs, opinions, thoughts, and behaviors. Besides, you also need to learn about the demographics of the target audience (such as age, gender, marital status, education level, and so on).

Once you gathered this data, you will be able to plan a solid and highly-targeted marketing strategy to achieve all your marketing goals.

Integration with marketing automation software is the capability of a program for marketing automation to operate, connect and sync with various software. Marketing automation providers who sell tools integrate features to promote a pleasant software ecosystem.

  1. Make Videos For Both TV and Socials

If you made a TV commercial, you can make use of this professional video by using it on various social media channels. You do not have to use the whole video but rather clip it into smaller videos, such as Instagram reels or stories, a video editing company can help with this task. Later, you can also try to add a video on a landing page to attract more website visitors and engage them.

There is another way to make use of video ads. You can create ads for TV. A lot of TV channels broadcast online on YouTube, so young people who mainly use the internet, will be able to see your TV ads too. You just need to focus on the quality of the video and message. 

  1. Integrate Digital Content With Print Media

It is well-known that many people prefer to use their devices to stay updated about everything that is happening in the world. However, this does not mean that newspapers and magazines have been outpaced. Some people still prefer print media. The question is how you can mix digital content and print media. First, you can try to implement some content creation and quality assurance techniques. Then, you can understand your strategy with this.

If you place an ad in a newspaper or a flyer or distribute business cards, you can include your website link or a QR code, so that readers can visit and learn more about your business and offerings. 


The debate among marketers about which form of marketing should be invested in and preferred more is less likely to ever stop. However, as you can see it is quite possible for digital and traditional marketing to coexist and complement each other well. So, give it a chance!


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