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How the VoIP Architecture Impacts Business Growth

How the VoIP Architecture Impacts Business Growth

Existing infrastructure becomes a burden over time for small and medium businesses, something they have to shoulder to keep the business alive. VoIP or voice-over-internet software from a VoIP development company can be a lifesaver to such enterprises. You can now reduce your dependence on older phone systems and move to a VoIP-based system that will work great whether you have a smaller office or a larger enterprise.

How to make a VoIP call

VoIP calls can be made through several methods. The easiest of them is by using a telephone adapter. A phone is connected to a VoIP router which is then connected to your broadband connection. You could also use a VoIP handset which allows you to make and receive calls much like a normal telephone, only that it does not come with an RJ11 adapter but with an Ethernet port and cable. It also does not require a VoIP router. You can use any router you want. The third and most popular way to connect using VoIP would be to use VoIP software such as Google Chat, Skype, Zoom, etc. to talk to someone who is also on the same platform as you are.

VoIP for businesses

There is a fourth option as well, where businesses can avail of VoIP software development from a certified VoIP development company. When a business opts for VoIP app development, the benefits are manifold. Such a VoIP solution is more reliable, scalable, and customizable and provides better voice quality than an analog phone line. It is also very secure and provides several in-call features such as call forwarding, setting hold music, dynamic IVR menus, and so on.

Benefits of VoIP for businesses

Suppose organizations opt for VoIP software development to interconnect their employees and customers. In that case, it will lead to more effective communication and collaboration, which in turn will lead to several business benefits. Some of these are mentioned below:

Improves efficiency and productivity of individuals

A custom VoIP solution improves efficiency at the individual level. With several features such as call forwarding and automated and customizable voicemail, it brings ease of communication. Call monitoring and barging helps supervisors track the progress made by agents, and they can come in at any time during the call if they feel the customer needs more help. This also allows agents to take remedial measures to improve their productivity. Did you know that agents can also work remotely, thanks to unified communication and that this is known to reduce absenteeism by 41%?

Increase team efficiency

Looking for a custom VoIP solution that aligns with your operational needs? Unified communications facilitated by VoIP app development allow businesses to completely integrate communication services. This brings together audio and video conferencing, instant team messaging, email, etc. under one roof. This means that anyone on the office network can communicate with anyone from anywhere and virtual office solutions can be very easily set up. The ease of communication enables teams to work in sync and improves their overall efficiency and workplace productivity.

Less equipment to manage for your IT team

The IT team in any company is burdened by the IT infrastructure that is required to keep the company running smoothly. With analog phone lines, every connection has to be painstakingly maintained on-premise. But VoIP is in the cloud. VoIP app development can be a game-changer as the setup and subsequent maintenance costs are less. VoIP can also be integrated into an existing network in your office and can then be managed easily by your IT team.

Increased scalability

There is a misconception that hosted PBX is for large businesses only. This is not true. The cost of communication and collaboration could have been a major roadblock for several small organizations that are inadequately funded. Thanks to VoIP software development, you do not need to add additional phone lines at every new location as your company grows. You can just add a hosted PBX instead and you are covered. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as they can easily extend their business networks across new geographies at a nominal cost.

Increased security

Maintaining and securing customer data is very important, especially for companies in regions that are governed by strict data privacy laws. People sometimes associate the internet with less security and some of them assume the same for the cloud as well. This is not true. The cloud has several layers of security and all your VoIP communications are facilitated by it. All the data that is transmitted during the course of a VoIP call is also backed up to the cloud. This means that even if a natural disaster leads to a blackout and loss of internet services, data remains safe in the cloud.

Multiple extensions to improve customer satisfaction

Ever reached an office and were redirected a few times before you reached the right person after at least twenty minutes in the menu after menu. There’s a solution for that now with custom VoIP development. Multiple extensions are made possible in VoIP. In an organization that spans a number of different departments and locations, it is imperative to have extensions for each department and location, to better help the customer reach you. Call quality remains unaffected over extensions and the customer can directly reach a point of contact and continue the conversation they had with them previously.

Virtually no installation is required, making it cost-effective

For most solutions provided by custom VoIP development companies, there is the very little actual installation. Most of it is in the cloud. This further reduces the load on your IT team. For more details on how VoIP can benefit your organization and how to set it up, please contact a VoIP app development company such as Ecosmob.

Easy onboarding of users

VoIP technology is fairly easy to use, and if you have come from using apps like Skype, the interface is quite similar, but with a host of functionalities that weren’t available in the former. Some other VoIP software is even more familiar. Imagine the faithful dialer on your mobile phone but amped up with regards to features; that’s how it looks like. Due to such similarities, it is easy to train new people to use VoIP software.

Increase in ROI

We already saw that VoIP increases the monetary return on investment (ROI). That’s great! But VoIP solution also increases non-monetary ROI (Return on Influence). It does so

  • Firstly, by improving customer acquisition through the purchase of local numbers internationally, allowing for better call quality and greater chances of reaching a prospect and converting them into a customer.
  • Secondly, if your VoIP system is compatible with third-party CRMs, then combining customer data and on-call data allows you to garner insights on customer buying patterns and helps with customer retention.
  • Thirdly, features like intelligent call routing and dynamic IVRs greatly improve customer satisfaction levels.

Closing words

The VoIP app development market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% from 2021 to 2027. According to Gartner, the expenses on VoIP are set to drop by 5% annually, with more and more enterprises opting for it each year. VoIP offers several benefits which increase both returns on investment and return on influence.

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