How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim

How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim


Well that depends on who you ask. If you go by Google’s results, the answer is “6’1”. However, if you ask Jason himself, he’ll say he’s “about 6’3”.

Who’s right? The answer might surprise you.

What Is Jason Oppenheim’s Height?

The true height of Jason Oppenheim is 5’6″. He was born on July 8th, 1966 and is from Los Angeles, California. Jason is the son of Marvin and Rosalie Oppenheim. He has a twin brother named Brett who is only about an inch taller than him. Both of the Oppenheim brothers are around 5’10”.

Other Physical Details of Jason Oppenheim

Aside from his height, Jason Oppenheim has a number of other physical features that make him stand out. For one, he has an athletic build, and is in great shape. He also has a number of tattoos, which are visible thanks to his short-sleeve shirts. Chrishell Stause, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall and Jason’s wife, officially towers over him.

How His Height Influences His Work as a Real Estate Agent

Jason and his twin brother, Brett, are both 5’6″ tall. This has had a significant impact on their careers, as real estate agents.

Because they are shorter in stature, they have learned how to be resourceful and navigate the world in a way that makes them stand out. They founded The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, which has helped them become successful real estate agents.

Their height has also taught them to always be aware of their surroundings and to be more observant. This has helped them in their work, as they are able to better understand their clients’ needs and provide the best service possible.

Comparing His Height to That of His Twin Brother

You might be surprised to learn that the Oppenheim twins are both 5’6″. This makes them fairly average-heighted for men, though they tower over their Selling Sunset co-star Christine Quinn, who is 5’9″. But don’t feel bad for Jason if you’re short like him, because his ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause is taller than him at 5’5″.

Despite their height not being super tall compared to his co-stars and partners, there’s no denying that Jason and Brett Oppenheim look great when suited up on Selling Sunset. So if you want to dress sharp like the Oppenheim boys, it pays to remember that regardless of how tall you are, it’s always important to dress well—regardless of how tall you are!

Showcasing Jason’s Height Through Different Outfits

If you’ve ever watched Selling Sunset, you know that Jason Oppenheim is a tall individual. Well, sort of…he’s actually 5ft6 or 1m68 tall — shorter than his ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause who is 5ft7. His twin brother Brett is also the same height as Jason at 5ft6 tall.

Whether it’s a casual look or a business one, Jason really knows how to dress to showcase his height. For casual looks, like shorts and t-shirt combos, he’s often seen wearing slim fit or tailored garments to keep his silhouette looking long and lean. For business looks, such as suits and blazers, he’ll often opt for single-breasted jackets that are cut slim; as well as trousers with no cuffs since they can give the illusion of length.

Why It Is Important to Know About Jason Oppenheim’s Height

If you are a fan of Jason Oppenheim and curious about his height, the answer is 5’6″. Interestingly enough, his twin brother Brett’s height is also the same.

Knowing his height can be important for many reasons. For example, if you are a fan of Jason Oppenheim on ‘Selling Sunset’, it is useful to have an idea of his stature in order to understand all the humors conversations he has with other cast members on the show.

It is also interesting to note that this height was quite average during the 1600s, but since then humans have grown taller over time due to modern nutrition and medical advances. Today, 5’6″ is considered below average in terms of men’s height.


So, as you can see, Jason Oppenheim is a pretty tall guy. If you’re looking for someone to look up to, Jason is definitely a good place to start. Or, if you’re looking to make your friends feel short, you can always mention Jason’s height and see how they react. Either way, Jason is definitely a tall guy and there’s no doubt about that.



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