How Streaming Makes Us All Creators and Consumers of Live Entertainment


The fastest-growing means of sharing anything from music to movies, sports,s, and live shows are now streaming and as personal technology improves so too will the variety of live stream content as well as the creators. More people are being drawn to this form of entertainment, education, and information sharing than any other and it is thus important to know and understand this streaming trend.

The tech you need to stream

 These are the basics that you will need to be able to start streaming and perhaps produce and share something that goes viral.

  • The Internet

The primary form of technology or type of tech needed in order to be able to stream is a strong and stable internet connection. Whether you’re making videos to share or looking to access videos posted by others, you will need a Wi-Fi connection with the bandwidth to allow for both watching and streaming your own clips without lag or the need to download the content first.

  • A streaming service or platform

Depending on what you want to watch or listen to, you will need an appropriate streaming service. The same is true should you want to share your own videos and clips. Some of the most popular platforms have now become known for certain genres of clip and entertainment, so Twitch is to watch gamers stream, whereas Tik Tok is more visual and about having a laugh at ourselves and others, while You Tube rules online video sharing.

Streaming has come a long way and is now multi-streaming software available that will allow you to stream to various platforms at the same time. Just make sure that the content will fit both platforms’ requirements. Visit learn more about streaming software that will help you achieve a professional level of output.

  • Streaming is highly interactive and social

Streaming of live gaming events and of influencer lifestyles is a popular theme and only works if its interactive and the audience feels connected to the person posting the stream. You need to keep this in mind if you aim for your streams to find a committed and long-term audience online.

  • A camera or smart mobile device

If you’re going to be in a fixed space to stream on a regular basis, then having a professional setup with a quality camera is generally the way to go. However, most people who stream, and particularly those starting out, will simply use a smart mobile phone to record and post in real-time, or to film, edit and then post.

The tech requirements that you need in order to stream are fairly simple and quite few in number. This is the reason that so many people have been able to engage in this form of creative sharing. Streaming has become the most popular means of watching television, live sports, musical events, professional gaming, short immersive clips as well as also sharing the aforementioned that you have made yourself. It’s the most creative and interactive pastime that it is online.


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