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How Rosie Rivera Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

by Tom Hero

Rosie Rivera was continually known as Jenni Rivera’s younger sister; Jenni changed into a musician regarded because of the queen of Banda, a sort of Mexican track. The sisters have been exceptional of pals till Jenni died at forty-three. Rivera has in view that soldiered on to make a call for herself as a worldwide inspirational speaker, author, evangelist, and entrepreneur. All those titles have enabled Rosie Rivera’s net worth to develop to $14 million. Below is an in-depth account of ways she accrued her wealth.

Enduring Sexual Abuse
Rivera is the ultimate born in her own family. Therefore, growing up with four brothers and a sister, she had all of the love she should ever want. As stated in a Medium interview, she did now not even recognize how bad they have been because the enormous love within the family filled each need. Unfortunately, that achievement stopped while her sister’s ex-husband, Trinidad Marin, began abusing Rivera whilst she turned into the best 8 years antique. At the time, the innocent little female did not recognize approximately sexual abuse; she depended on Marin and became eager to play the “love sport” with him. It took a yr for Rivera to find out that it become incorrect, way to an intercourse training lesson in 5th grade. After that, she changed into decided to stop the abuse, but Marin threatened to kill Jenna, the one individual that Rivera took into consideration her exceptional buddy. For this cause, the abuse persevered, with naive Rivera questioning she became saving Jenna’s life. At 13, she observed out that Marin became abusing Chiquis while the niece confided in her. The two swore to hold their ordeal a secret, fearing that Rivera’s brothers would kill Marin.

Turning Her Ordeal right into a Book
The silence ate Rivera up, and at 16, she attempted committing suicide by means of slitting her wrists. Luckily, she changed into a Christian, and the thought of going to hell because of death by means of her own arms led her to search for the bandages straight away. When Marin threatened to take full custody of the kids, Rivera knew she needed to open up to a person, so she told her mom and another circle of relatives participants. They suggested Marin to the police. It took years for him to be sentenced to 31 years because he became a fugitive. As an end result, Rivera sank into despair regardless of their own family taking her to a counselor and psychologist. At 25, she turned into an alcoholic, drug abuser, and suicidal. According to Perez Hilton, she was additionally married to an abusive guy and became doing poorly at her actual estate job. Luckily, she was given stored at 25 and grew to become her lifestyle around. She turned into no longer the scared little lady and determined she might use her story to empower others. She wrote a book, “My Broken Pieces,” recounting her sexual abuse and the aftermath. She also has different books such as “Finding Beauty in the Ashes” and “Take Your Power Back,” intended to inspire readers who want healing after battling abuse. Rivera also has become an inspirational speaker, and for the reason that she is famed, it could suggest that she is a pinnacle earner. Some reports cite that the best-income motivational audio system takes domestic $312,000 annually. Since she has been doing it for years, she needs to have gathered a big sum.

Becoming the Trustee of Her Late Sister’s Estate
Rivera never wanted to be worried about Jenni’s entrepreneurial sports. As she told Billboard, Jenni had masses of enterprise professionals around, so Rivera felt it higher to aid Jenni as a sister. They had a near relationship, and Jenni continually wanted the quality for Rivera. She even prophesied superb things for her little sister, which have all come to pass. However, one day Jenni met together with her lawyer regarding her will and asked Rivera to be her trustee. The younger sister did now not suppose tons about it and greed. Three weeks after that short talk, Jenni additionally requested Rivera if she would be the parent to Jenni’s youngsters. At first, Jenni had indicated her eldest daughter Chiquis as the guardian. However, the overdue musician changed Chiquis with Rivera after finding out her daughter was dozing with Jenni’s ex-husband. Consequently, whilst Jenni surpassed away on December nine, 2012, Rivera has become the trustee of Jenni’s price range. According to ABC News, the fortune turned into around $25 million then. Rivera took over because the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and became in fee also of Jenni’s song and products. However, Jenni’s kids saved requesting audits of the Jenni Rivera Enterprises. To avoid misunderstandings and accusations of price range misappropriation, Rivera resigned because of the CEO. She stays the executor of the property however will retire from that role in 2023. As the CEO in view that 2012, she ought to be receiving profits that expanded her internet really worth.

Other Projects to Increase Her Net Worth
According to Canadian News, Rivera may not be the CEO of her sister’s business, however, she will continue to immortalize Jenni. She stated the pleasant way to carry on the legacy of Jenni is to keep releasing singles, making documentaries, or even a film approximately Jenni’s life. She brought that she is even making plans on publishing an e-book approximately her past due to sister’s lifestyles to inspire young kids to head after their dreams. By March 2021, Rivera found out that the film, that allows you to be English, turned into its pre-manufacturing section. The script changed into geared up, and all that remained turned into the principal man or woman. Her involvement within the productions could be well worth her whilst. Besides, Rivera and her husband, Abel Flores, launched a podcast, “The Power of Us,” to manual couples via marriage. According to Businesswire, the podcast is stimulated by means of their personal revel in. They had been on the point of divorce however nevertheless cast directly to have a solid marriage. Since she constantly uploads audio files to her podcast, she has attracted a huge target audience, facilitating her profits.

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