How Long Is an Essay in Paragraphs: Six Different Essay Lengths


When struggling to write an essay you can either reach a pro essay writing service or research the way to complete the task successfully. One of the features you have to find out before covering an essay assignment is the length of writing. It can depend on the academic level of the student, the subject of your writing, differences between the department’s requirements, and instructions in the assignment.

If you are at a loss for how long your writing will be, check out different essay lengths and pick out one suitable for your assignment.

1.   1-Paragraph Essay

If you wonder how long is an essay is to consist of one paragraph only, keep in mind that 150-250 words will be enough. This one paragraph should be structured anyway and contain an intro, body, and conclusion to be organized logically.

A one-paragraph essay is usually assigned to determine the student’s level of writing, and to practice writing specific essay parts (e.g. conclusion on the read article or thesis statement on the given topic). You may also write this essay type as an answer to a test task, for example, to define the concept, and so on.

2.   3-Paragraph Essay

A three-paragraph essay is used to introduce students to the basics of an essay and let them practice writing within it. This type of essay commonly is 500 words long on average and contains an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The body equals half of the writing length, while the introductory and closing paragraphs are one-fourth of the total volume. The main point and content of the essay go to the body paragraph.

3.   5-Paragraph Essay

If you want to make essays longer and explain your ideas more deeply, five-paragraph writing will suit you perfectly. A five-paragraph essay includes intro and conclusion paragraphs and has three paragraphs for its body. The latter feature allows students to elaborate on the main thought and grant more evidence to the core idea of the writing.

A five-paragraph essay has usually a thousand words in it with between a hundred and two words going to introductory and concluding paragraphs and between 150 and 250 words count in every of the body paragraphs. Five-paragraph assignments are usually given with cause and effect, compare and contrast, and other essay types.

4.   Extended Essay

The students who are to gain a bachelor’s or master’s degree are given an extended essay as the frequent assignment to check their abilities to conduct research, insert references, and use more complex structures than in simple essays.

The extended essay length commonly doesn’t exceed 5,000-word count. The assigned length may be either one and a half, three, or five thousand words with a 10% deviation allowed. The extended essay is a simplified practice of dissertation or thesis-like writing.

5.   Dissertation

A dissertation is usually assigned as the final writing task to the students to gain a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This type of essay length typically equals 10 or 15 thousand words. The writing is surrounded by the primary research of the author and consists of complex structures.

The dissertation includes the following parts: abstract introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion of results, and conclusion. Literature review, methodology, results, and discussion of results will make the biggest part of the writing to depict the research and its analysis the student has conducted.

6.   Thesis

A thesis is the longest and most complicated essay type. Students may only write it on the way to their Ph.D., which means not every student will deal with a thesis. This piece of writing is usually between forty and sixty thousand words.

A thesis is a longer and more detailed version of the dissertation so it consists of similar components. The original writing is based on primary research with a more detailed approach to data collection and analysis.


Depending on whether you are just learning the basics of an essay or going through your doctorate year, your writing assignment may start with one paragraph and exceed tens of thousands of word count. Your professor will usually guide you on what type or how long they expect your essay to be. As soon as you find it out, you can set to work with confidence, meet the requirements and create a good piece of writing.


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