How is digital transformation shaping our local government?Digital transformation in government and public sector


As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the United States and around the globe, bringing almost everything about local government to a standstill, we cannot help but wonder if this is a new beginning. The pandemic has forced people across the country to stay in their homes in a desperate attempt to stay safe. With the arrival of the vaccines, businesses that had earlier downed shutters, have now slowly started operating. But there’s an odd sense of confidence in people that shows they are willing to experiment and take their business to the next level by going digital. 

Citizens have learned how to balance work responsibilities from home and students have started relying on online classes. In fact, people have started interacting with their favorite brands online. Service providers too have had to adapt to the changing times. From ordering groceries to celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to attending yoga classes, nearly every business and brand now engages with its audience on the Web. And thus, local governments too are catching up.

Why are government bodies ready to embrace the digital transformation?

It is beyond doubt that some of the most important top 10 Government websites have dismal design and limited practicality. While it’s understandable that most government offices are currently crushed by budget restrictions, and that their service models cannot really change overnight, lately we’ve been seeing some glimmer of hope. The fact that government offices are expected to render services even in difficult situations, no matter how long the social distancing norms continue, municipal bodies have slowly realized the true potential of digital transformation, and have decided to embrace it.

How to leverage digital transformation?

If the top gov websites are to be made more effective, the IT department will have to shoulder much of the responsibility. Without its help, these departments will never be able to leverage the power of the next phase of digital transformation. To be able to reap the benefits of the latest technologies, and have a positive impact on citizen engagements and employee efficiency, the IT department ropes in the service of companies that are designed local government to accomplish the following – 

Aligning technology with government goals: To come up with effective solutions, the IT department often has to rely on some outside help to align digital transformation with the agency’s goals, so that it brings about a significant impact on the administration. Simply focusing on technology for the sake of adapting to new things, is where many initiatives fail.

Embracing integrations: Digital transformation would be literally incomplete without enabling data sharing, eliminating manual interventions, and minimizing data entry redundancies. This is where government administration reaches out for help – to make processes easier for citizens as well as those in the administration, and drastically reducing time wastage.

Rapid application development: By using a low-code application development approach, companies and administration opt for faster application development, thereby improving top 10 Government websites. The method uses visual modeling to build and configure applications. This is a good approach considering the fact that it doesn’t require a massive upfront cost. Later, when the team has an engineering resource available, the programmer takes the application and configures the code as necessary.

Our verdict

While there are many companies looking to help by spreading local government value methodologies often underused by government bodies, it’s always good to seek help from reliable companies, considering they’d be handling tons of government data. This is why we recommend Revize. They were the first to bring responsive website designs to top gov websites and have been working with various government agencies ever since. They have experience in building feature-rich and effective government web applications and have also built powerful CMS projects for greater functionality.


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