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How Fast Do Electric Go-Karts Go?

Many different types, styles, and brands of electric go-karts are available on the market. The one thing that holds is that there are two basic levels. The top ones that can go the fastest are the adult versions, while the ones designed for children do not have as much horsepower and can not go nearly as quickly. So, with that being said, how fast do electric go-karts go?

The top speed of an adult go-kart is around 60 miles per hour, with an average speed ranging between 40-60 mph. A go-kart designed for children will usually top out at 30 mph, with their average speed being 20 and 30 mph. That means an electric go-kart can travel between twenty and sixty miles per hour.

Electric go-karts are not that much different from gas-powered ones that you may be more familiar with. The world is evolving into an age of decreasing the footprints we all leave upon the earth, so an electric version is not much of a surprise. Let’s dig deeper into this to understand better how fast they can go and why.

Speed of the Electric Go-Kart

You have probably seen more and more electric go-karts being used on indoor racetracks and outdoor ones requiring faster acceleration. The reason for this is the way the electric motors are designed. They can accelerate faster on a straight stretch and around the corners to optimize the speed when coming out of the turn. 

Each electric go-kart you can purchase will have different benefits and speeds, with a wide range of acceleration amounts. Some of the best adult karts can be driven to their limits on the course, so let’s look at a couple of them.

  • MotoTech MaverickThis go-kart is designed for young adults and up, with a suggested age of 16 or older. It is intended for off-road or on-track racing, with a built-in roll bar and a 1000-watt chain-driven motor. It offers a metal roll cage for heightened safety. The weight limit is 154 pounds, so it will easily handle teenagers and average-sized adults.
  • MotoTech Off-RoadThis go-kart is designed for the off-road enthusiast, but it can also run some good times on the track. The suggested age for this one is 13 years and older, but the weight limit tops out at 120 pounds. It comes with a 1000-watt electric motor that is chain-driven and has a metal roll-cage installed for heightened safety. The MotoTech Off-road is designed for teenagers up to young adults.
  • MotoTech Mud MonsterWho doesn’t like to play in the mud? Big kids love to take trucks out and see if they can get stuck, so naturally, teens would follow in line. The MotoTech Mud Monster comes with an electric 1000-watt motor that is chain-driven. It has a metal roll bar for added safety and a weight limit of 150 pounds, which means average-sized adults can also have fun in the mud. The suggested age limit for this go-kart is 13 and up.
  • Razor Dune BuggyThis go-kart is designed for younger children over 6 years of age. It comes with a variable speed electric motor that is chain driven. It has a side metal roll cage for improved safety, allowing the Razor Dune Buggy to be the perfect first-time go-kart for children that need speed. With this child-friendly cart, though, the average rate of speed is 9 mph, so it is not too fast for little hands to control.

Go-karts that can be driven on and off the roads are fun little toys to have, even for the adults that are still kids at heart. Don’t let the fact that they are electric motor-driven karts fool you. They can accelerate faster than gas-driven versions and go as fast, if not faster.

Acceleration Of an Electric Go-Kart

An electric go-kart is no slouch regarding speed, but many first-time drivers wonder how long it takes them to get up to the rates advertised. If you put a gas-powered kart next to an electric version, the electric go-kart will win off the line every time. Of course, that is if they are comparable models with motors rated close to the same. 

One of the fastest electric go-karts on the market can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a mere 1.5 seconds. If you are not current with some of the fastest sports cars in the world, they can run the exact times in 2 seconds or more. That means electric karts can accelerate from a dead stop faster than any cars built for the road.

Electric karts that accelerate this fast are not the average ones you can find, but they are available to the public from various sources. They can accelerate so fast because, unlike gas-powered engines, an electric motor has immediate torque. The drivetrain reacts as soon as you hit the throttle and your tires spin. The only hesitation in the process will be your response time when racing.


The fuel-driven go-karts will go farther than the electric versions because they can be filled with gasoline to increase the driving time. The electric versions, however, will need to be charged up, which can take up to 8 hours to fill the battery cells. But the two to four hours you can get from a charge (with constant use) is usually plenty of time to play on it.

If you need more time and juice, you can always carry a couple of spare batteries with you. Ones that are fully charged and ready to go. This way, you and your teenage friends or children can ride until their hearts are content, or at least for a day or two. 

The point is that an electric go-kart can accelerate up to 60 mph, with the average being around 30mph. The bigger the electric motor is, the more power you will have. More power means faster speeds, so if you want to be thrown back into the seat, look for an electric go-kart with a large amount of wattage and plenty of safety equipment.

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