How Do You Style Your Outfit for Those Perfect Black Sunglasses?


Do you love sunglasses? Have you recently been eyeing a pair of Hugo Boss sunglasses but aren’t quite sure what outfits match best with them? Don’t worry, here’s a compilation of looks that you can try with clothing you already own, along with the sunglasses, for that extra oomph:

The Classic Rodeo

Sunglasses in darker shades, especially aviators, can make you come across as rugged. But there’s something about their clean lines and no-frills design that certainly classify as suave. Highlight this balance with a light-colored crew-neck tee, a pair of classic black denim, and your favorite high-top sneakers. You can also accessorize with a sporty wristwatch.  

The Club Hopper

Who says sunglasses are only for the brightest time of the day? Anti-glare nighttime driving glasses come in a great range of styles that you can wear during your club-hopping sprees. And to complete the look, pick a classy white linen shirt with metallic buttons or clasps. Wear it with your favorite blue denim, and top it off with a well-fitted leather or corduroy jacket, considering the weather. Pull on your cleanest pair of white sneakers, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor. 

The Adventurer

If you tend to be a light traveler, you may be inclined to sacrifice clothing instead of other items. However, that’s no reason to sacrifice style. Here’s what you can carry along with your trusty sunglasses to give you more looks in fewer clothes: Dark, straight-fit denim. You can wear them full length for a traditional look, or roll up the hems a couple of inches, for a casual stroll-in-the-promenade look. You can wear carry-tees in darker shades for a mellow look and layer it with an olive-colored windbreaker for a fresh, unique style. Complete the outfits with a pair of tan leather boots that can work equally well during hikes or while you’re resting at cafes. 


The Magnate

Sunglasses and suits make you feel like you’re right out of a mafia movie. Look sharp with a dark woolen blazer and matching trousers. Wear a white dress shirt and switch the tie with a swanky scarf if you’re up to it. Combine with patent leather boots to look like the ultimate badass that you are. You can also accessorize with a brown leather briefcase if you plan on carrying anything. Check it out

The Urban Wolf

If you are into street style, pair your sunglasses with a black crew-neck tee tucked into grey chinos. Cinch it with a patent leather belt, and complete the look with a pair of white low-top leather sneakers. You can also go fancy with some bling if you feel up to it!

The Wandering Monk

Maintain your zen with this practical ensemble of a navy cable-knit sweater, beige chinos, and brown brogues to go with your sunglasses. You can accessorize with a roomy leather backpack and a simple leather-strapped wristwatch. 

Winter Charmer

Protecting your eyes against snow glare is an essential part of winter afternoons. So, flaunt your sunglasses with a cozy dark-colored turtle-neck tee tucked into your light blue denim. Layer with a light blue tweed blazer and top it off with a white beanie. And if you’re expecting some precipitation, wear a camel duffle coat. Pull the look together with white leather sneakers, and you can accessorize with a leather pouch or laptop sleeve. 

Black shades, such as the Hugo Boss sunglasses, are one of the most versatile pieces of fashion accessories you can own. So, zing up any attire by adding them to the mix. Visit your local opticians or head over to their website to pick up your next pair of trusty eye guards! 


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