How Could Localization Project Management Systems Improve Translation Quality?

localization project management

Maintaining good quality translation throughout all regions is the most challenging job when it comes to brand localization. Your brand reputation in foreign markets totally depends on the quality of translation. The better the quality, the more brand credibility you can build in foreign markets. To cope with the increasing demand for translations, companies need reliable tools and methods that would help them effectively manage their translation quality and quantity simultaneously.

Using a professional cloud-based translation management system or a localization project management tool can really support businesses in improving the quality of their translation to build a solid global brand identity.

So, these latest translation tools are actually helpful in improving your translation’s quality. Well, you will figure it out in this article.

What is a Localization Project Management System?

It is a project management tool designed to support you in effectively handling your localization tasks in a more effortless, agile, and simplified manner. A localization project management tool packed with various features that make your translation operations optimized and streamlined. It reduces the complexity and manual work through automation. Project managers can always have a bird’s eye view of the project and are aware of what is going on throughout the project. They can immediately take notice and make required modifications whenever there is a problem.

These systems significantly improve translation quality by supporting human translators in their overall translation management process. It enhances work efficiency and improves the productivity of localization teams.

Improving Translation Quality with Localization Project Management Systems 

There are a lot of factors that go behind improving your translation’s quality. Here is how a cloud-based translation management system would help you important your translation quality.

Better Glossaries Management

On translation management systems, you can easily manage glossaries for multiple translation projects. You translators can access the brand glossaries anytime they want to get a clear understanding of what criteria your translation should meet. It keeps the translation relevant to your unique brand voice for every region. Moreover, you can also add translation glossaries in machine translation tools to generate consistent and relevant translations.  

Project managers or localization teams create separate glossaries for each translation project. These brand terminologies are placed in a central place from where all translators can access them.

Advanced QA Procedures 

Most project management tools have built-in QA testing features that allow you to test the quality of a translation immediately. The different platforms perform various procedures to test the quality of your translations based on their unique algorithms. These tools would test your translated content for relevancy, tone, and accuracy. The machine performs all QA procedures on its own without any intervention, which saves a lot of time and effort. You must ask your TMS vendor regarding the quality assurance processes that your TMS follows to ensure high-quality translations.

In Built Editing Tools 

You can translate your content into multiple languages and edit it without using any other app on a single translation management platform. Professional translators can proofread and edit the translated content using built-in translation tools in a cloud-based translation management system. These tools highlight all the errors and mistakes in your translations, so you can correct them. Some advanced editing tools also provide suggestions to improve the quality of translations by enhancing readability. It also reduces the hassle of switching between different apps to perform different translation operations.

Simplified Translation Process 

With a professional localization project management tool, your translation operations get streamlined. Automation replaces most of your manual efforts, which leads to uncomplicated translation operations. Simplified and well-organized translation processes enhance the productivity and performance of your translation teams, which results in high-quality outcomes. Moreover, the speed of your translation processes increased because of higher work efficiency and automation. These are also some of the major factors contributing to translation quality. So, it can be said that these tools ease your translation management journey and contribute greatly to improving the quality of your translations.

Reduce Excessive Workload

Translators don’t have to bother about file management, file storage, or updating the status of every task. Everything is handled by a machine that reduces the workload on translators, and they can focus more on their translation work. Most gaps in translation quality occur when you put a lot of burden on your translators and expect them to manage high volumes of translations on a regular basis. These systems support the translators to carry out their translation operations effortlessly, so they can concentrate on translation work only. Higher work efficiency always leads to better quality outcomes.


Using a professional translation project management system can significantly improve your translation quality. This system also fills all the gaps caused by traditional ways of managing translation work. However, it is important to choose the right TMS tools for translation project management that have all functionalities that your project would need.


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