How can I check my PM Kisan beneficiary status 2022?

How can I check my PM Kisan beneficiary status 2022?


Pm Kisan Samman nidhi is the latest platform to help farmers get more out of their produce. It helps you track your produce from harvest to market and offers you tips on how it can be used. You can also manage your inventory, set up your workplace or school canteen, and sell directly from your farm.

First download the pm kisan beneficiary list 2021

First, download the PM Kisan beneficiary list 2021.

Then go to and enter your details in the box provided. You will see a list of beneficiaries who have been allocated money under PM Kisan scheme for 2019-2021 (the period when you are looking for).

If you want to know whether your name appears on this list or not, then click on “Get Information” button at top right corner of webpage and it will show all benefits given by Government through this program since inception till date with their respective amounts along with status bar across various fields indicating whether they have received their money or not

 What is the process to register in PM Kisan?

If you are looking to register in PM Kisan, you need to first download the PM Kisan beneficiary list 2021. The list can be downloaded from here:

After downloading the list, go through it and choose your names from those who have applied for registration under this scheme and register them as beneficiaries by entering their details on the website which is currently available at https://www.pkmkuan.govt , once registered then check your PM Kisan beneficiary status by visiting this link: https://www2-pmkuan/programmes/junior-food-aids/

Check PM Kisan beneficiary status

You can check your PM Kisan beneficiary status by logging on to the website of Punjab Mutual Fund.

For more information, visit

 How to do E-KYC in PM Kisan?

E-KYC is mandatory for all the beneficiaries. It is a process to verify your identity through Aadhaar and other documents, if you are getting any kind of subsidy or benefit from PM Kisan.

E-KYC can be done online or offline. You can fill in the form at an Aadhaar center and take help from one of the enrolled agents for this purpose. You need to bring all your required documents along with you when visiting an Aadhaar center for e-KYC purposes; otherwise, they will not be able to assist in completing it successfully!

PM Kisan beneficiary check

  • How to check PM Kisan beneficiary status:
  • Go to the official website of PM Kisan, click on “E-KYC” and enter your KYC details.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number. You can also send an SMS from any other device by putting “PMKISAN” before you start typing it in the message box at the bottom of your screen. The number will be charged with Rs 10 per text message Venom 2 if you are using a prepaid plan or Rs 20 per text message if you are using any other plan (including postpaid).


PM Kisan is an online portal that allows you to check your PM Kisan beneficiary status. You can also request for a physical copy of the list from the office of your local PM Kisan office.


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