Hostbillo Grand Festive Sale: Flat 50% off on Dedicated Server Hosting India

dedicated server hosting India


Hostbillo’s grand festive sale is now on. This Holi they are offering you Flat 50% off on  Dedicated hosting India. As the festive season approaches it is excited to offer exclusive deals on a dedicated server that is specially crafted for your businesses. During this event, you can get the benefit of an unbeatable discount on all hosting plans that are allowed to meet your business needs without breaking the bank. Its plans are for all businesses whether you are a growing business or, a large enterprise it can be the perfect hosting partner for your business. With  Hostbillo’s best dedicated server hosting India elevate your business performance and website growth. As businesses expand the need for robust hosting solutions grows and Hostbillo’s is always ready to meet those demands. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server India and talk about its discount offers due to the current festive season that will provide you the world-class service at discounted rates. 

Know About Hostbillo’s Grand Festive Sale on Dedicated Server Hosting India

Hostbillo offers a flat 50% off on all its web hosting services in the festive sale. Take benefit of this sale and grab the best-dedicated server at half of its price. Don’t miss the chance of this unbeatable deal that comes once in a while. Don’t you want the best-dedicated service also at half price for your business growth? 

Hostbillo offers six packages with its best dedicated server hosting in India plan, which starts from Billo D1 to Billo D6. Billo D1 is for your basic dedicated hosting needs and Billo D6 is for the highest dedicated server hosting needs. All plans are designed to cater to your hosting needs at an affordable price.

Here are the specifications of the Billo D1 plan starting from just $81.72 

Processor- E5-2650 V2- 2.60 GHz

Core/Threads- 8 C/ 16 T

RAM- 32 GB

Storage- 500 GB SSD

Bandwidth- 5 TB

Advantages of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server in India

Hostbillo provides you with the best features and advantages over other hosting providers to fulfill your business needs, with its India Dedicated Server Hosting you can take your online business to a new height and maximize your profit. 

Here is a glimpse of its advantages: 

1. Exclusive Resources: 

Hostbillo’s dedicated server in India offers exclusive access to all resources, including CPU, RAM, storage, and more. This ensures the optimal performance of your business, with it you don’t need to worry about performance. 

2. Advanced Security: 

As all of us know security is the main parameter when selecting a hosting service. Hostbillo’s best-dedicated server hosting in India comes with robust security measures, including firewalls, DDoS protection, and other regular security updates to keep your data safe and protected from threats and vulnerabilities.  

3. Strategic Location: 

Hostbillo’s servers are located in India, which ensures low latency, and fast access for users across the country. Strategic location helps in improving load time and provides a peak user experience for your customers. 

4. Customization and Configuration: 

It offers you high-level customization and configuration with its cheap dedicated server hosting in India. You can install any application or software according to your business’s unique requirements.  Whether you need additional storage, specific software, or more RAM, Hostbillo can tailor your hosting needs to match your exact needs.

5. Scalability: 

As your business grows your hosting needs also grow and to address these hosting needs Hostbillo offers you high scalability with its dedicated server hosting India, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed, without any disruption or downtime in your server. 

6. Other Advantages: 

Apart from all these advantages it offers you many other useful advantages that help your website in the long run in the digital world. Its features can take your online business to new heights with its exclusive resources and powerful performance. 

Hostbillo’s Managed Dedicated Server for Tension-Free Server Management

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions is the fastest evolving and best web hosting provider in India, which is popular and renowned for its high-class hosting service to enterprises. With its managed dedicated server hosting India a business experiences exceptional growth in its online presence. In its managed dedicated server, all server management is handled by Hostbillo’s experienced and expert team, which means  you can concentrate your business without any 

tension about the management of the server. With its managed Dedicated server you get the following:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support
  • Fully Upgraded Servers with SSD Storage
  • Tip to Toe server management by an experienced team
  • Top Class Server Configuration
  • Complete Root Control

These are some benefits of managed dedicated server hosting India with Hostbillo. Take it and rest assured with your dedicated server management because Hostbillo is ready to take care of your server. 


In conclusion, taking a dedicated server hosting India with Hostbillo can solve your many server-related tensions and provide you with the industry’s best hosting experience. Also, you can take benefit of the festive sale on Hostbillo’s dedicated server hosting where all the server you can get a Flat 50% discount. Don’t miss the chance to grab this excellent opportunity to grab the server without affecting your bank. We hope this article will help you a lot in determining Hostbillo’s server advantages and its ongoing sales. It’s your turn to grab the opportunity for your business.


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