Have Fun with a Colored Wig


We all love ‘Eighties’ music, right? It was a time for music that seemed to inspire fun. It was a time for big hair, big make-up, and Levi jeans. You might be too young to remember this song, but see if you can it on the internet and listen to the lyrics. 

Cyndi Lauper singing ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ This iconic ‘Eighties’ singer has had red, pink, blue, green, and white hair. In fact, there isn’t a hair color she hasn’t tried. But guess what? She has a collection of colored wigs that is second to none!

Today she has some competition in Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Keysha Cole, and the stunning Monica. These gorgeous ladies have gone from millennial pink and rose quartz to blush and neon pink. 

Celebrities inspire us, challenge us, and they set fabulous fashion trends. Whether they wear, pink, blue, or white wigs, they give us a glimpse into their imaginative world.  

Having a wig for fun nights out is perfectly possible with the colorful fabulous range of wigs that are available. 

Let’s look at the possibilities:

Colored wigs and summer just go together – Summer is the ideal time to break out and experiment. Did you know that a colored wig is actually ideal for summer and here’s why? A lighter color reflects sunlight which means you won’t get so hot beneath the summer sun. Dark-haired wigs attract sun rays and absorb heat, making you feel hot and uncomfortable especially if you are spending the day outdoors with friends. 

Light-colored Human Hair wigs are perfect when the heat is turned up. Choose a light blonde, ash, gray, light pink, or light blue, and define yourself as the one who dared to be different from the crowd.

There are so many colors you can choose – The most exciting thing about a colored wig is that if you can imagine it you will most probably find it. There are colors like blue, blonde, maroon, chocolate, platinum, purple, and more. It really doesn’t matter what your choice is you will easily find a wig that suits your personality and style.

Don’t be afraid to be bold, just go for it!

Why choose a colored wig? – Colored wigs are high fashion and stylish.,which are liked by women,more visit here.They say you are confident and enhance your natural features. When you walk into the crowd you will catch the attention of everyone there. Colored wigs are made for people with the spirit of adventure, they bring out the bright and spontaneous side of your personality. 

Have fun with it!

Finding your perfect fun color – If you prefer to have a natural-colored wig but want to experiment, why not try the ombre tone wigs? This gives you a natural look but highlights a section to make it stand out. This might be a good starting point if you are looking for a change. Ombre wigs give you the best of both worlds and have a gradient color that suits everyone. Choose from a wide range of natural colors such as brunette and blonde, black and red, or light and dark, and find something that gives you the edge. When choosing an ombre wig you can decide whether you want to be dramatic or subtle. Choose a color that has an obvious line of color transition or a gradual toned effect.

Funky colors – If you decide to go with a total color change and are looking for bright trendy wigs we can give you the best tips and ensure you make the right decision. 

Forever in Blue Jeans Babe – Kylie Jenner loves wearing blue wigs, in fact, she is probably the reason there has been an online Instagram trend. Denim-colored hair is well known to make-up artists and hairstylists. It is part of the inner circle of the fashion industry. Part of the reason blue wigs are referred to as ‘blue jeans’ wigs or ‘denim’ wigs is that denim comes in so many shades and so do blue wigs. 

Passion Pink – According to the fashion industry pink hair is the new blonde! Shades of pink like rose, pink lemonade, rose gold and bright pink are just some of the ‘en vogue’ colors. Pink hair is slightly rebellious and daring, but in such a way you can wear it with style. Hailey Baldwin Bieber has been photographed on numerous occasions with a wavy bob in pink. Was that the reason Cardi B And Khloe Kardashian took the plunge? Hailey’s pink hair gain ger over a million likes!

Pink is also a great color for the ombre look, with dark roots, washing into the color pink. The thing to remember when choosing a pink wig is to ensure it suits the tone of your skin. Check on the inside of your palm and make sure pink compliments your skin tone or simply go for another color. There are so many to choose from. 

Go for the Green – Green hair comes in so many different shades, aqua green, emerald green, petrol green, or muted green. Hollywood hairstylist Chris Appleton considers green a revolutionary color as it is a genderless trend for people on the move. 

Rainbow Revolution – Rainbow-colored wigs have been seen on almost every catwalk and social media is crazy about this fusion of colors. Christian Siriano a US-based designer is always a step ahead of the rest, and he loves rainbow hair colors. 

Kesha has been photographed with rainbow hair as has Cardi B, Dakota Fanning, and Nicki Minaj. These stars believe in going ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and give us all the courage to do the same. Whether you choose rainbow wigs in pastel shades or in stark contrast the colors of the rainbow are sure to brighten your days and nights.  

Rainbow hair is a sign that you are unique, you are confident, and you love fashion! Rainbow hair looks great in any length from a short bob to longer locks. Rainbow wigs express individuality and personal style – something loved by all!

Buying a colored wig has many benefits, firstly you don’t have to damage your own hair by bleaching it to white and then applying the color you want. But secondly, you can go anywhere and do anything whether you are having a fun night out, going to a fancy-dress party, or dressing up for ‘Cosplay’, colored hair gives you the freedom to choose who you want to be at that moment!


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