GoDaddy Vs. Namecheap comparison


GoDaddy and Namecheap company performs very well to sort out the website hosting programs and processes. Both of the companies have different functionalities and work based on the requirements of customers. Many people compare both of these companies, that is why we are going to give you a detailed comparison of these two companies in this segment,

Answering the Below 6 questions will let you know which company is better in coming to website hosting and domain registration standards.

  • Which is the biggest domain registrar?

When it comes to TLDs (if you do not know about TLD’s, then you can go for its guide on google), Namecheap and GoDaddy are almost the same in providing the products which you want. Let us discuss in detail what we meant by this.

Classic, traditional TLDs for example, .mobi, .com, .info, .biz, .org, .net, .com. can be registered with both companies.

Then there are different country codes TLDs which are .ru for Russia, .de for Germany, .jp for Japans, .uk for the UK, and many more. Before choosing any of these, you have to see whether a particular country code is supported with Godaddy, Namecheap, or not? You have to go for both domain search tools. Other than this, let us tell you that .p1 and. Its domains are just available with GoDaddy, not with Namecheap.

  • Which is cheaper?

Well, honestly saying, many companies don’t have clear pricing models. Different TLDs have different prices. The price tags depend on other things, such as either a new domain registration or a domain transfer or renewal. So price doesn’t differentiate between these two. It depends on the work which you want to perform.

  • Which is more popular?

When it comes to popularity, let us tell you about the number of registered domains by these two.

Namecheap has 7926927 domain names that are registered.

Godaddy has 59,605,374 domain names that are registered.

In popularity, GoDaddy has won the contest clearly as it has more number of registered domains. Go daddy leads the market on other companies too. When we see the overall number of registered domains, a general 18% of the domains’ market share has gone into daddy’s hand. In comparison to this, Namecheap has 2%. Both of the companies are trustworthy and equally serving the market with their qualities.

  • Which has a better user panel?

Domain names and hosting are very complicated. Therefore good registrar tries to provide approachable and easy to grasp features. This makes the use very easy, even for beginners. Both of the panels have their look, but GoDaddy has a more casualized panel when it comes to comparison.

Godaddy doesn’t have too many options on display; it just makes you go through what you want to explore and need. But Namecheap provides all the available display options. Surprisingly mostly reviews tell that they like the Namecheap’s display more.

  • Which are some free additional things on both tools?

This depends on which thing you are going to work on. There are a couple of other things which you should keep in mind. For example, if you have to test a concept website quickly at a low cost, then Namecheap will be better. But if you are doing a WordPress project to manage a hosting account, you should go for GoDaddy.

  • Which has better customer support?

Let’s see that which one has better customer support.

  • Godaddy is 24/7 phone supported, while Namecheap is live chat supported.
  • Both are knowledge-based.
  • Godaddy has tutorial videos, while Namecheap has a status updates blog.
  • Godaddy has community forums, while Namecheap has API docs.

Pros and Cons of Godaddy:


  • Biggest domain registrar
  • Friendly user customer panel
  • Good site-building tools


  • Higher renewal prices
  • High entry-level domain prices
  • Lots of upsells during the checkout process

Pros and Cons of Namecheap:


  • Cheapest domain available at $0.88
  • Lower renewal prices
  • Free WHOIS privacy package


  • Access restrictions
  • Problems in signing up if not in the USA
  • Multiple country-code TLDs are not available

This is all about the above two companies’ comparison; we will conclude this comparison by saying that each is performing best at its level. You have to use what you want to achieve from this.


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