Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: Up to $3000 Payments for Students Distributed, $1000 Each for Connecticut Residents


Two programs are giving away fourth stimulus checks to eligible Americans. Some students can receive up to $3,000 in financial aid, while workers in Connecticut can receive $1,000. Both programs will send out the payments throughout the month of December.

Many Americans are struggling with economic inflation due to the pandemic. This prompted officials to allocate nearly $40 billion worth of pandemic relief. The money was distributed to several states and institutions. Ultimately, each local institution has to create its own program and decide the qualification of the financial support.

4th Stimulus Check Update: Up to $3000 Payments for Students

Some of the budgets was sent out to students to help cover their expenses. Officials hoped that the funds could provide financial relief to students with their education, food, housing, healthcare, and childcare bills.

Last month, Duke University announced its own support program, which grants students either $1,750 or $3,000 payments depending on their eligibility. Officials said the payments will be sent out in December.

Duke University emphasized that the grants are for “eligible students with exceptional need, which Duke will identify by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS profile) for students not eligible to file a FAFSA.”

Students who qualify for these grants should have been notified automatically in mid-to-late November. The cash boost may happen anytime in the coming days.

It is worth noting that there are similar programs available in other schools. According to The Sun, George Washington University allocated more than $9.1 million for their student grants. Nearly 1,000 students at Meharry Medical College also received $10,000 worth of grants. And Bushnell University issued 206 students a total of $642,674 payments.

Students who might need and qualify for these cash boosts but have yet to receive any payments are recommended to contact their local schools for any available programs.

Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: $1000 Payments in Connecticut

Aside from students, workers are also getting a cash boost this December. Connecticut residents can look forward to $1,000 payments before New Year if they meet the requirements.

The payment is a part of Governor Ned Lamont’s Back to Work program, which is effective between May 30 to the end of this year.

Lamont explained that “this one-time bonus payment will help some of those workers pay for the critical things they need to get back to work, including childcare. This is the latest tool in our toolbox to maximize our state’s recovery from the pandemic,” per The Sun.

To claim the money, residents would have to submit a Back to Work CT program application electronically. The application can be found on the Department of Revenue Services website. Be warned, however, that there are a few eligibility requirements for the program.

Applicants must have filed an unemployment compensation weekly claim with the State of Connecticut between December 27, 2020, and May 22, 2021. They must also obtain and maintain a full-time job for at least eight consecutive weeks between May 30 to the end of the year.



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