Five Things You Should Know Before Buying Custom Made Lanyards


If you work in a company, you must carry your Identification Card around. Even though the card is of utmost importance, the material which helps it hanging around your neck goes Buying Custom Made Lanyards primarily unnoticed. It is known as a lanyard. However, lanyards are particularly essential during office meetings, conferences, or corporate functions. You can buy ready-made lanyards or also customize them. Here are five things to help you purchase custom-made lanyards.

Determine your lanyard type

You must have noticed people wearing a variety of lanyards throughout your life. From your school events to corporate events, lanyards have varied. It depends on the type of event, budget, and preferences as well. Lanyards are available in various styles and colors.

You can choose the material and the typography on the lanyards. Lanyards of polyester have better durability and performance. In addition, there are lanyards made from nylon and cord to give your neck comfort and ease.

1. Determine your budget

 Before ordering your desired lanyard, you need to choose a budget. The material and the number of pieces are the things that you have to consider. A variety of lanyards available also has a variety of prices.

Thick, comfortable lanyards will be durable but also pricey. You can choose tubular lanyards if you are on a tight budget. You can also have your brand logo, message, slogan, or artwork for a higher budget on custom-made lanyards.

2. Choose your hook

 Depending on the purpose of your lanyard, you can choose from a range of clip and hook attachments. Some of them are metal bulldog, metal lobster claw, metal J-hook and metal over a hook. These are the most common hooks you can choose for a lanyard. Besides these, if lanyards are used for safety purposes, buckle release and safety breaks are also your options.

 If your target market is younger, the cell phone loop may be preferable. However, if your consumers are primarily middle-aged, you can consider the slide key ring attachment.

3. Determine the purpose of your lanyard

 Your choice entirely depends on the purpose of your lanyard. As mentioned, lanyards vary in shape, material, quality, texture, and overall appearance on the nature of the events. For example, a moderately budgeted and comfortable material lanyard would be perfect if you need lanyards for an office meeting.

 If you organize a conference or convention and have important guests coming over, you should choose a lanyard on the higher end. Similarly, a corporate event will suit lanyards made from nylon. At the same time, an informal art event can fit brightly colored or printed lanyards. In addition, take into consideration the number of people attending the particular event.

4. Choose the right color

You have the option of selecting the color for your personalized lanyards. If you don’t already have a color in mind, take some time to learn about colors and their effects. It’s usually not a good idea to choose blue merely because it’s your favorite color.

You should think more about what your customers want and the type of business you run. If you’re catering to an older population, neon green and pink might not be the best choice. However, if the majority of your consumers are under twenty-five, this color scheme may be ideal. You can also use your brand colors on custom lanyards.

Custom made lanyards help you stand out from the crowd. For example, if you are representing your company or business at a convention, you need the attention of potential clients and customers. A brightly colored lanyard with prominent typography can help grab that attention for you. In educational Buying Custom Made Lanyards or career fairs, you can catch the eyes of students who particularly look for institutes or make them curious about yours.

Thus, lanyards are an excellent way to gain a lot of exposure at a low cost. Choosing the correct elements for lanyards is the perfect way to make an impact.


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