Five Advantages Of Having Ducted AC In Your Home


Is one summer enough? Probably at the top of your list right now is installing air conditioning. It’s simple to get lost with so many options. The decision between ducted and split AC is the most difficult. It need not be difficult.

Here are 5 reasons why it makes sense to install ducted air conditioning in your house.

1. Your Entire Home Should Always Be Cool

Only the zone or room in which a split system is installed can be chilled. To increase the effectiveness of the unit, the area must be sealed off. That presents issues in open-plan dwellings. You need a stronger, more expensive machine to cool larger zones. You must decide which rooms or zones to cool because installing split systems in every room is impractical and expensive.

At the touch of a button, ducted air conditioning allows you to instantly cool your entire home. The center unit is frequently concealed in the roof. Vents receive chilled air that is ducted. Without needing to open and close doors, you will have greater freedom in your home. Additionally, whole-house entertainment is improved by ducted AC. To lower the temperature, no sites are closed. You can reduce the temperature without an icy blast at head height thanks to ducted air conditioning.

  1. Ducted Ac Is Cheaper Than You Think

Split system installation is less expensive than ducted air conditioning installation. Installing ducted air conditioning can result in long-term cost savings.

Ducted air conditioning is the solution if you’re concerned about cooling empty rooms. You can disable cooling in areas where it is not required if you construct a zoned ducted air conditioning system. You may cool the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night using a zoned ducted system. That can save a lot of money over time.

Ducted air conditioners don’t need to have an energy efficiency star certification. Australian law currently mandates that all ducted air conditioners satisfy minimum energy performance standards. You can compare the energy efficiency of ducted air conditioners because labels and product information are readily available. You can benefit from HVAC installers. As a result, you can select an energy-efficient option that suits your lifestyle and floor plan.

  1. An Effective Cooling System For You

You have a wide range of alternatives with ducted air conditioning to meet your demands. You may schedule your air conditioner to turn on at a specific time with the majority of ducted systems. Wi-Fi connectivity is available in more recent ducted systems, enabling you to automate and remote-control your cooling system.

During the winter, you can utilize ducted air conditioning as a heater. Without installing a separate heating system, you can warm your house with reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning.

  1. Ducted Is The Prettiest Material

Your place of residence reflects who you are. You have greater room to express your design when using a ducted air conditioner. As opposed to split or multi-split, ducted air conditioning is less aesthetically intrusive.

The primary air conditioner is typically located in the roof void, and cooled air is supplied by hidden ducts to room vents. In a ducted AC system, just the controller, return, and ceiling vents are visible, much like an iceberg. This implies that you can decorate each room whatever you like. A large unit won’t take up any of your wall space.

  1. Ducted Air Conditioning Increases The Value Of A Home

If you intend to sell your home, installing ducted air conditioning is financially prudent. Although ducted air conditioning is more affordable than ever, many still view it as a luxury item. Your home will look better with ducted air conditioning than without.


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