Fascinating Sales Commission Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow


The commission is a reward for a job well done. This concept also exists in sales, where the commission can be used as a powerful motivator. But there are some important things you need to know before using this technique to motivate your salespeople. The commission is simply a reward to encourage the sales rep to sell more and make more money. This can sometimes be used as a deterrent for salespeople who are not going the extra mile. This is why some sales managers also use the commission software for sales ops to align employees with company goals, objectives and vision. The concept of giving an employee a bonus for extraordinary performance is common in many industries and comes from many different cultures. Even though there are some companies which have still continued awarding bonuses for poor performance, it is recommended to avoid this type of system altogether.

Fascinating Sales Commission Tactics :

1. Cheating On Client Satisfaction :

Some companies will decide if the work of the salesperson is sufficient. If the performance of the salesperson does not meet their expectations, then he or she can be cut off from receiving commissions for at least a few months. In addition to that, the salesperson may not be eligible for commissions at all. One of the reasons for this is to ensure that the salesperson is working harder than the next person. This can clearly discourage those who are not performing well and will make them try harder in order to please their superiors

2. Commission Allotments :

While some companies will use the commission purely to reward performance and not other factors, others will use it as a way of rewarding multiple or different sets of criteria. Commission allocation can be challenging because taking care of new criteria and goals sometimes can often be done at the same time. It can lead to a situation that is almost impossible where salespeople feel they have less motivation to do well in multiple tasks. While some companies find this to be one of the best ways to motivate their employees, others think that this creates confusion for the employees as well as for their potential customers.

3. High Commission Rates :

If you find that you have one or two high performers in your company who are receiving too many commissions but most of the other salespeople are earning lower commissions then it may be time for you to consider reducing their commission rates. You may just be upsetting the balance on your sales team and that can lead to one of your departments being too heavily relied upon. It will be detrimental in the long run if this continues for too long and you should see if commission rates are too high for the others to earn commissions.

4. Commission Changes :

When commission rates change, there can be a lot of impact on morale and motivation. The salespeople should find it difficult to understand why they have been earning so much money in the past but are now earning less than they were before. This can leave them with two choices: either they stay with you or they move on and they will try their best to move on as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of software for commission sales?

The commission is a natural incentive to encourage salespeople. Most of us like that commission can be earned depending on the amount of money we are selling. Since commission rates can vary widely, many salespeople have been left feeling unhappy with their pay. This solution allows you to take advantage of these affordable web based applications to increase your productivity, improve workflow, and decrease training costs as well as cut some overhead costs. The software for commission sales allows you to customise the commission rate for your sales force. It allows you to reduce commission rates at the same time as increasing productivity and improving customer service. 

ElevateHQ is a fantastic software that will help you keep track of your commission management strategy by providing flexibility, ease of use, and accountability exposure. Most importantly, you can use this software to help you maximise the sales performance of your sales force. This software comes with some really powerful features that will help you personally manage your sales commissions and reimbursements. 


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