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The R3 MagDrone Magnetometer Survey Kit is a compact magnetometer kit for UAVs or drones that weigh less than 1kg. It is designed and optimized for small and medium-sized survey UAVs / drones that are configured to carry less cargo and fly for longer periods of time in a single trip.


  •         For the UAV and drone operator, the minimal payload for the MagDrone R3 is one kilogram.
  •         The sensor tube, which is extremely light, has equipped with a built Fluxgates with 150pT resolution, a one-button data logger with an internal SD card, rechargeable batteries, and a built-in GPS. This system is developed for small and mid-sized survey UAVs with short flight durations and fewer payloads.
  •         With a 200Hz sampling rate, the MagDrone R3 is able to connect directly to the landing gear of a drone at the point where the motors are closest to the aircraft. When it comes to distinguishing between motor noise, frequencies, interferences, and ground signal, the MagDrone R3 is less intrusive than the competition.
  •         Generally speaking, the MagDrone R3 survey kit may be used for a wide range of surveys, such as academic research, prospecting for buried minerals, and for some types of security work. Preventive monitoring is sometimes referred to as area scanning.
  •         The frame makes attaching to drones of any type simple by securing it with screws, straps, or adhesives.
  •         The data logger is keeping track of everything in the air around it while it is running. The data may be further processed.
  •         To measure changes in the earth’s magnetic field, MagBase is partnered with the SENSYS tool, which serves as a reference station. Temporary noise sources such as crossing cars or net frequencies will be canceled.
  •         Using the SENSYS Android Remote App, MagDrone R3 users can create a Bluetooth connection between their Mobile phone and the device to examine the operational status of the system, as well as begin or stop data logging. They can also check the operational, ground, and environmental factors by viewing measurements at 2Hz.


An integrated system incorporates a drone equipped with a sensitive magnetometer and an accurate altimeter, called SENSYS MagDrone R3, enabling specialized True Terrain Following mode.

Major uses include

Fluxgate magnetometer systems like the SENSYS MagDrone are able to identify any materials with magnetic metal content. It may be used to:

  •         Conducting a UXO search (unexploded ordnance)
  •         previously hidden infrastructure (metal pipes and shielded cables)
  •         Archaeology
  •         Probing the earth for metal items that weigh a few hundred grams or more

Acquired data accuracy

A magnetometer is an inactive sensor. The location where the magnetic field is measured is known as a flux sensor. It is particularly essential to fly near the ground while looking for things. Using the world’s most accurate laser altimeter, you can fly as low as one meter above ground level.

Main Advantage

A drone equipped with a magnetometer enables us to do several scans of the region in a fraction of the time it would take to perform those tasks manually, and it also helps to make geo-referenced maps of the area.

Designing a flight launch vehicle

UgCS, the flight planning software that provides tools for simple design and computation of fly routes, and interpretation of collected data in a user-friendly way, is an essential component of the integrated system, allowing effective survey planning.

The primary functionalities of the DataTool program are as follows:

  •         The process of uncovering individual survey lines while extracting survey traces from data collected
  •         Low-pass filtering, eliminating the Earth’s magnetic field, and excluding overlapping tracks are basic filtering procedures that are used to manage unimportant data.
  •         releasing to a variety of platforms (including CSV, both after and RAW filtering)
  •         fetching magnetic data for display


MagDrone R3 is a light and small magnetometer device that can be set up in minutes. Depending on the payload, almost every drone under 1 kilogram is usable. When you need a medium or large DJI drone with such a Pixhawk autopilot, we suggest the M600 Pro, M210, M210V2, or other models in this class. The R3 MagDrone has a 200Hz sampling rate, which enables it to be mounted on the drone’s legs without negatively affecting the overall performance. Filtering out noise generated by the drone’s engines and circuitry is made easier with a high sample rate. Magnetic sensors that are connected with a wire are traditionally used with novice drone pilots in mind, which is why this innovation is such a benefit.


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