Everything You Need to Know About inverex aerox 5.2 kw


Looking for a powerful and efficient inverter that can handle all your energy needs? Look no further than the Inverex Aerox 5.2 KW! This sleek and reliable machine is packed with features that make it easy to use, maintain, and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to power your home or business, the Inverex Aerox has everything you need to get the job done right. From its impressive performance specs to its affordable price tag, this innovative inverter is sure to exceed your every expectation. So why wait? Read on to learn more about what makes the Inverex Aerox so special!

What is inverex aerox 5.2 kw?

The Inverex Aerox 5.2 KW is a powerful and versatile inverter that has been designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. This cutting-edge machine boasts an impressive array of features, including high efficiency, low noise levels, and fast response times.

One of the key benefits of the Inverex Aerox is its ability to convert DC power from solar panels or batteries into AC power for use in your home or business. With its advanced technology and intelligent design, this inverter can handle even the most demanding energy loads with ease.

Another great feature of the Inverex Aerox is its compact size and sleek design. Unlike other bulky inverters on the market, this machine takes up minimal space while still delivering maximum performance.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills, increase your energy independence, or simply enjoy reliable backup power during outages, the Inverex Aerox 5.2 KW is a smart choice for anyone who wants quality and value in one convenient package. So why not discover all that this innovative device has to offer today?

What are the Features of Inverex Aerox?

The Inverex Aerox 5.2 kW is a powerful and efficient solar inverter that comes packed with a range of impressive features. Here’s what you need to know about this cutting-edge device.

First off, the Inverex Aerox boasts a high conversion efficiency of up to 97.6%, which means more energy output for your home or business. It also has an advanced MPPT algorithm that maximizes power generation even in low light conditions.

In addition, the Inverex Aerox comes equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet using the Inverex Solar app. This gives you real-time monitoring and control over your solar PV system from anywhere in the world.

The device also has multiple protection functions including short circuit protection, surge protection, overvoltage protection and overheating protection. These ensure optimal safety for both the equipment as well as those around it.

Last but not least, the design of this inverter is sleek and compact making it ideal for small spaces. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor installations alike due to its IP65 rating which makes it dustproof and waterproof.

If you’re looking for an efficient and feature-packed solar inverter then look no further than the Inverex Aerox 5.2 kW!

What Does Inverex Aerox Cost?

When it comes to buying a solar inverter, one of the most important factors that buyers consider is its cost. The price of Inverex Aerox 5.2 kW varies depending on various factors such as location, installation charges and other additional costs.

In general, the cost of an Inverex Aerox ranges from PKR 120,000 to PKR 145,000. However, this does not include any government subsidies or incentives that you may be eligible for in your area.

It’s worth noting that while some people may balk at the upfront cost of an Inverex Aerox, it can actually save you money over time by reducing your reliance on traditional power sources and decreasing your monthly electricity bills.

Additionally, investing in a high-quality solar inverter like the Inverex Aerox can also increase the overall value of your property if you decide to sell later down the line.

While there are certainly cheaper options available on the market today when it comes to solar inverters, investing in a reliable and efficient model like Inverex Aerox is well worth considering for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money over time.

What is the Warranty Like for Inverex Aerox?

The Inverex Aerox comes with a standard warranty of 5 years, which is quite impressive for an inverter air conditioner. This means that the manufacturer guarantees that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

During this time, if any issues arise due to manufacturing defects, you can contact customer service and they will assist you in either repairing or replacing your unit. It’s important to note that certain conditions apply to this warranty, such as regular maintenance and installation by a qualified professional.

In addition to the standard warranty, Inverex also offers an extended warranty option for up to 10 years. For those who want added peace of mind and protection against potential future repairs or replacements, this may be worth considering.

It’s important to read through all terms and conditions before purchasing any extended warranties as there may be some limitations on what is covered. However, having the option for an extended warranty shows Inverex’s commitment towards providing quality products and excellent customer service support even after purchase.

How Often Do I Need to Inspect My Inverex Aerox?

As a responsible owner, it’s essential to inspect your Inverex Aerox regularly. Doing so can help you keep it in top shape and avoid unwanted repairs or replacement costs.

The frequency of inspection will depend on how often you use the generator. If you’re using it daily or extensively, we recommend inspecting it at least once a month. On the other hand, if you only use it occasionally, then checking every three months would suffice.

During these inspections, make sure that all bolts and screws are tightened properly. Check for any signs of wear and tear such as cracks in the casing or frayed wires. Look out for any leaks, unusual sounds or smells coming from your generator as well.

It’s also imperative to clean your Inverex Aerox after each use to prevent dust buildup which can lead to overheating issues over time. Remove all debris and dirt from both internal parts and external surfaces.

Regular inspections are crucial in maintaining your Inverex Aerox’s longevity and performance capabilities. It is better to take preventive measures than wait for something drastic to happen before taking action!


As we’ve seen, the Inverex Aerox 5.2 kw is a powerful and reliable hybrid inverter that combines both solar and battery power to provide ample electricity for your home or business needs. With its advanced features such as MPPT tracking, WiFi connectivity, and compatibility with lithium-ion batteries, the Inverex Aerox is definitely a top-of-the-line choice for those who want to switch to clean energy.

When it comes to cost, the Inverex Aerox might be slightly more expensive than other hybrid inverters on the market but given its high-end capabilities, it’s worth every penny. Plus with an excellent warranty policy of up to 5 years depending on where you live and how well you maintain your unit – you can rest easy knowing that any issues will be taken care of.

So if you’re looking into investing in a reliable and efficient source of renewable energy then look no further than the Inverex Aerox 5.2 KW! Its cutting-edge technology combined with sleek design makes this product one of the best available options for anyone ready to make an eco-friendly change.


After reviewing the features, cost, warranty, and maintenance of the Inverex Aerox 5.2 kW inverter, it’s clear that this is a reliable and efficient option for anyone looking to invest in solar power for their home or business.

The advanced technology used in the design ensures maximum energy conversion efficiency while preventing damage from voltage fluctuations. The competitive pricing and impressive warranty also make it a smart investment.

In short, if you’re searching for an innovative and dependable solar inverter system that can meet your energy needs without breaking the bank, then Inverex Aerox might just be what you need!


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