Everything you need to know about eating fresh coffee beans


Fresh coffee beans are also known as coffee cherry and they are basically the seeds of the coffee fruit. The fresh coffee beans are normally roasted, dried and brewed to make coffee that everyone is so fond of. There have been many research studies which prove beyond any and all doubt whatsoever that there are actually a lot of health benefits of drinking coffee right from lesser chances of suffering from diabetes and type diabetes. Many people who are fond of coffee for its taste and health benefits often think about availing the same benefits by eating fresh beans. Many people like to have caffeine in their system through one way or the other and munching on fresh beans is fast being seen as one of the most effective and convenient ways of getting the desired caffeine fix.

Historical Background

If you think that eating coffee beans is a new thing that you possibly couldn’t be more far away from the truth. Coffee beans have been eaten for several hundred years and even more than that. There is very strong historical evidence to believe that long before coffee was used as a beverage, the fresh beans were often mixed with animal fat and then consumed for the purpose of boosting energy levels. The fresh cofee beans have been eaten for more than a century and the same is likely to continue well into the future because eating fresh cofee beans provides the same nutrients as a cup of coffee and the same caffeine ‘fix’ as a cup of coffee. It is believed that you actually absorb a lot more of the caffeine when you chose to eat the fresh beans instead of drinking coffee made of the same fresh beans. Eating fresh coffee beans has its own set of pros and cons and that’s why it is the best way out to consume fresh beans in moderation. One thing that must be noted here is that not all coffee beans are very pleasant to eat like the green coffee beans which have a bitter flavor and can prove to be, very hard to chew. 

The benefits of eating fresh beans

  • Coffee beans are an excellent source of antioxidants :- It makes sense to eat fresh coffee beans because they are an excellent source of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid. Thus it makes sense to consume fresh coffee beans because chlorogenic acid can drastically reduce your risk of diabetes and the same can help in substantially combating inflammation. There have been many studies which suggest that chlorogenic acid might also have some cancer-fighting properties. The amount of chlorogenic acid in coffee beans might differ from one type of beans to the other but most coffee beans have a decent quantity of chlorogenic acid.
  • Easily absorbed caffeine source :- If you have been looking for one of the most efficient and convenient ways of getting your caffeine ‘fix’ then you can consider eating frsh coffee beans in comparison to drinking coffee made from fresh beans. Caffeine can be absorbed from whole fresh coffee beans at a much quicker rate than from liquid coffee. And you already know the many benefits of caffeine for the body. Thus if you have been looking for one of the best ways of getting your caffeine fix then you can always consider eating fresh coffee beans than drinking coffee made from the very same coffee beans
  • Other benefits of eating coffee beans :- Eating fresh beans is one of the most convenient ways of getting your caffeine fix and you can avail all the different benefits of caffeine by eating coffee beans. You can avail benefits like reduced risks of certain cancers, death from all causes, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, brain disorders and liver illnesses. If you happen to be someone with very high blood pressure levels then you will be able to reduce the same by eating coffee beans.


The Bottom Line


There you have it, that was everything you needed to know about eating coffee beans. Eating coffee beans is undeniably one of the best ways of getting your caffeine fix and you can avail all the different benefits of coffee by eating fresh coffee beans. One thing you must know that just like the benefits there are also the cons of eating fresh beans, thus you need to do so in moderation. If and when you consume fresh coffee beans in moderation, you will see that the pros far outweigh the cons.


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