Different Unique Ways You Can Use Poker Chips


If it wasn’t for the World Series of Poker, it is more than likely that you would not have given poker chips much thought.

Perhaps you should. That’s because personalized poker chips have a surprising range of uses. If you come up with a decent idea, you may be able to use them to spread the word about your company, mark an occasion, or even meet new people.

Here are a few ways you can use poker chips that may even surprise you!

  1. A business card

Any business can use custom poker chips offered by Poker Chip Universe as its business card so that it may stand out from the rest of the crowd of paper options.

  1. As personalized poker gifts

Birthdays, holidays, and Father’s Day are all excellent occasions to offer a unique present. Custom poker chip sets are reasonably priced and are wonderful gifts for significant people in your life. They can be personalized with a name, initials, or other design. 

  1. As a website advertisement

Use homemade poker chips as a way to attract visitors to your website.

  1. As a promotional offer

You may want to give out personalized poker chips repeatedly and as they are used, becomes a major benefit over coupons.

  1. As a membership card

A poker chip is a fun substitute for laminated paper cards. Your customers can use it as a form of membership. As their level of membership increases, their poker chip becomes more personalized.

  1. As a morale booster

Challenge coins are used to promote a sense of teamwork among your employees and to refocus them when they are up against a challenging task.

  1. As a scene-setter

Use casino chips as tables’ confetti to make your display booth at a conference a little more interesting than the next booth. 

  1. For a big announcement

A customized poker chip can share your news for you and will let your friends and family members know when something significant happens.

  1. As a souvenir

Not every wedding or party favor needs to be distributed on the big day. Print out a group shot on poker chips. Send these out afterwards to give your visitors something to remember you by.

  1. As a missing piece

Nobody wants to play a game when they don’t have all the pieces, so substitute a poker chip for those that have disappeared. 

  1. As a golf ball spotter

By personalizing a poker chip to indicate their locations, you can assist your golfing pals in having a simpler time playing through.

  1. As a prized object

Custom-made poker chips are perfect for geocaching, scavenger hunts, and marking the trail in particularly difficult hash runs because they are weather-resistant and the perfect size for concealment.

  1. As a sign of encouragement

When friends ask you for guidance, distribute a printed copy of your own belief or the piece of counsel on your poker chip. 

  1. As a piece of party decor

Confetti on the table is not only for meetings. At weddings, baby showers, or other gatherings, you can place personalized poker chips on the gift or cake tables.

  1. At Trade Shows

To encourage more people to stop by your booth and hear more about what you offer, provide these customized poker chips along with your information.

All these are just a few of the uses for customized poker chips.


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