Different Types of Turf to Buy for Your Lawn During Home Upgrades


A home upgrade project is an opportunity to get a functional home and aesthetic lawn. Buying turf is the best way to achieve the aesthetic and a natural lawn. You’ll get a wide variety of turf on the market, and your options are endless. But which is the best type of turf for your lawn? Let’s find out.

1. Landscape Turf 

Landscape turf is a common type and style of turf for an aesthetic home upgrade. Depending on your preferences and your lawn’s functional needs, it comes in different colors, heights, and weights. Landscape turf gives your lawn a look and feel of natural grass and does not require much maintenance. 

Consider using shorter pile height to prevent matting if your lawn has high traffic. But if it’s for aesthetic purposes, you can buy a taller pile height of landscape turf from Melbourne turf supplies and achieve a more realistic and beautiful look.

2. Pet Turf 

If you have pets, pet turf is the ideal turf to buy for your lawn. The turf is pet friendly and has permeable backing for adequate drainage. Without a pet turf, your home will have an unpleasant odor of your pet’s urine. Pet turfs come in different heights, colors, and weights, giving you a wide variety to pick from when buying. So, if you have a pet, pet turf is ideal for your lawn. Also, pet turf suits you if you don’t have pets but want proper drainage.

3. Nylon Turf 

Nylon turf is among the most durable turf in the market. It rarely loses its shape, gets matted, or melted by the sun. However, nylon turf doesn’t particularly look natural or soft but is a great option to create an artificial putting green in your lawn.

4. Polyethylene Turf 

Polyethylene turf looks natural, making it an excellent choice for your lawn during home upgrades. Your lawn will have an authentic look that mimics the behavior of natural grass. However, it requires maintenance, such as regular raking, as it gets matte with use. 

5. Polypropylene Turf 

Polypropylene is the cheapest type of turf in the market but is the least durable and doesn’t have the least aesthetic look. So, if you’re tight on budget or looking to put a cheap artificial turf, polypropylene is your option.

How to choose the best turf for your lawn during a home upgrade 

Choosing the best type of turf depends on the following factors:

  • Geographical region. Consider your environment to determine whether the turf you buy will survive the weather.
  • Blade density. Buying lower pile heights and blade density will make your lawn look patchy and without aesthetic appeal. Therefore, consider getting high-blade-density turf for optimal lushness.
  • Traffic tolerance. Depending on your lawn traffic, buy a turf that will be durable enough to withstand the traffic or one that quickly recovers from wear.
  • Sun exposure. To get the best turf for your lawn, start by considering the level of sun exposure your lawn receives. 


The benefit of getting an aesthetic lawn is priceless. During the home upgrade, you have a perfect time to install quality turf on your lawn. Choose what best suits your needs and budget, and enjoy a more stunning space!


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