Different Screens Used for Few Types of Rooftop Equipment


The acoustic screen can offer a reduction of noise by almost to the extent of 15dB and can end up bringing the operational noises of any new plant to 10dB or even less than the active ambient background level for night or day time, thereby you will not find your neighbours around your residence or commercial properties never complaining about the noise.

The acoustic engineers of Con-form Group have developed an ultra-high-performance noise wall system making it one of the best-in-class solutions in the attenuation of any kind of air-borne noise. This system is a very effective solution to eliminating sound pollution.

In addition to that many of you may also need a suitable screen to hide as some of the equipment may offer a very ugly appearance when someone looks at your property from their roofs. The following are a few different types of equipment that may either need an acoustic screen or a few other kinds of the screen to hide them.

  • HVAC units

As we know HVAC units can provide a solution for temperature and climate management in our interior environments. Usually, such units are quite bulky and not too appealing to look at, particularly when placed in rows.

  • Roof exhaust ventilation fans

Roof exhaust fans can pull out the air of your building and allow fresh air to enter your interior. If your building is too large then more such units may be needed and that can create noise pollution too.

  • Cooling towers

The rooftop cooling towers are meant for reducing the water temperature using extracting unnecessary heat from different sources such as HVAC chillers. They may appear bland in appearance at best. Worse, when they start to rust.

  • Pipework and Ducts

An unavoidable HVAC equipment feature or similar other units is the pipe works and a few ancillary ducts. Often one can see them from ground level, particularly when connected to any wall-mounted high-level equipment.

  • Walkway Servicing

Walkways can allow your equipment on the rooftop to be accessed. For non-flat surfaces as well as potentially slippery conditions they are ideal. Walkways can be step-overs for accessing across ducts. They can be highly functional yet ugly if placed near the edge of your roof area.

  • Equipment platforms

Platforms can raise equipment above your rooftop surface level and by doing that both the framework and your equipment potentially become more visible. Usually, such platforms come with guard rails, which can also add another visually distracting feature.

  • Solar panels

Nowadays many companies are preferring to invest in green design and energy solutions like solar power systems. Such panels may not be unattractive in appearance however, the frames, supports, and other electrical equipment can appear ugly from certain angles.

  • Communication systems

Satellite dishes, antennas, cellular communication systems, and numerous other devices can be featured on your rooftops throughout Australia. It can be often difficult to hide any of the tallest antennae but using a screen can certainly hide them from below.

Con-form has so many varied screen designs including an acoustic screen, which is much easier to improve the look of your buildings dramatically.


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