Detailed Review of Great Northern Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is one of the crucial aspects of owning a vehicle, and it is mandatory in most states. This particular insurance is expected to safeguard you financially in case of accidents. There are differences in coverage and monthly financial commitment, depending on the insurance company you are patronizing.  

However, there are countless insurance companies, meaning it may be daunting for you to know which to go for among them. Although, some companies are the best in the game, with great coverage and affordable prices. How do you find out the best auto insurance company?

That is where the Great northern auto insurance agency comes in handy. The agency is one of the best that makes finding the right fit for an insurance company more accessible.  

This article is a detailed review of the Great Northern Auto Insurance. You will understand why you should trust them to get insurance for your vehicle.  auto insurance for drivers 


Great Northern Auto Insurance Review 

Great northern auto insurance agency offers services to people close to Chicago. The agency has made it easy for vehicle owners to find the most suitable insurance agency for many years now. The most important thing is to deal with reliable and best agents, as this goes a long way in getting insurance coverage at the most affordable price.  

Enlisting the services of an agent working with the Great Northern insurance agency gives you the benefit of comparing more than two insurance companies. As a result, you can see the best companies that offer the coverage you need according to your budget.     

It would be best to be mindful of using this agency because you may experience good or bad customer service, depending on the agent you are dealing with. That is why it is paramount to ask for recommendations from people, especially family, friends, or colleagues, that use the great northern. If no one can recommend you, you may need to check the great northern auto insurance review online 


What are auto insurance types available at Great Northern Insurance Agency?   

In The great north, you have access to numerous car insurance from tons of great insurance companies such as travelers, liberty mutual, progressive, and many more. Since there are various options for companies, it becomes easier for you to select one that suits your needs and budget.  

The auto insurance companies that partner with Great Northern sell the following policies; 

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage 
  • Comprehensive coverage 
  • Liability coverage 
  • Collision coverage 
  • Many add-ons coverage 

The policies from these companies may be different and based on covered losses, benefits attached, and every other particular. 

In addition, there is add-on coverage that makes customization of policy possible, like car rental coverage and roadside assistance. A good example is the great northern insurance agency roadside assistance that covers unlocking and 24/7 towing.   

Besides the available basic coverage, the Great Northern agency offers the SR-22 insurance form to high-risk drivers in Illinois State. The essence of that form is to show that their coverage meets the state’s requirements. Another coverage available on Great Northern is the auto insurance for drivers visiting Mexico and Umber driver insurance coverage.

Who are the high-risk drivers that can use great northern auto insurance? 

  • Anyone that has been arrested for DUI/DWI charges 
  • Drivers with low credit scores 
  • Drivers that have ever been involved in more than one car accident 
  • Inexperienced drivers  

Cost of auto insurance with great northern  

Since the agency collaborates with different insurance companies, the prices you will get for the coverage you want will differ from one company to another. However, you will get to compare each company’s range, benefits, and prices with the help of the agent you are using. That can make it possible to make the best choice of an auto insurance company based on what you can afford.   


How to file a claim when using Great Northern auto insurance Agency 

It is the best decision to reach out to the agency within 48hours in case of an accident. That is if you want to file a claim with them.  

However, before reaching them to file a claim, ensure you have the contacts and addresses of everyone involved in the accident. Also, have the insurance company’s necessary details like their name and policy numbers.    

A rule of thumb is not to discuss the accident details with other persons except the police officer. Hence, you will need a report number from the police, the officer’s name, and the badge number. It’s also good to snap pictures, if possible, immediately after the accident occurs to serve as proof and show the damages done.   

You may use your Smartphone note app to record the incident as soon as it happens to avoid omitting any vital detail when you are about to file a claim. Having done all that, you can contact the Great Northern via their contact address on their website or reach out to the agent you are dealing with.


There are more benefits to enjoy with great northern auto insurance, and one of them is the opportunity to ensure collector’s cars. The value you get from them is excellent, and if at all an accident occurs, the amount you get from them also increases.   


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