Demon Slayer Personalities: The Age of Kimetsu no Yaiba Characters



Tanjiro Kamado – July 14th

Tanjiro Kamado was born on July 14th, and during the first few occurrences of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, he was 13 years old. Nevertheless, during episodes 2 and 3 of season 1, there seems to be a two years flashforward, putting Tanjiro 15 for episode three forward. After Tanjiro’s parent is murdered by demons and his younger sister (Nezuko) is transformed into a demon, he is desperate to discover a treatment for his sister. His tenacity propels him to be a good member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Nezuko Kamado – December 28th

After Nezuko Kamado got transformed into a demon, she was mostly just 12 years old. She is 14 years old by the third episode of the new season. Demons would not grow. Therefore Nezuko is locked in the form of a 12-year-old from the start of season 1. When her elder brother, Tanjiro, is threatened, Nezuko’s charming and young appearance is rapidly tarnished.

Zen’itsu Agatsuma – September 3rd

Zen’itsu Agatsuma is a year older than Tanjiro, at 16 years old. Zenith is a tremendously formidable opponent who could outmatch several of all the other Demon Slayer Cadets. However, he is a sissy who would sooner flee than face danger. Despite this, he is an integral part of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Inosuke Hashibira – April 22nd

Inosuke Hashibira is 15 years old, just like Tanjiro. Although he was reared by feral pigs in the woods, he lacked the communication skills that most 15-year-olds possess, and he seems considerably younger than he is. Yosuke would not only initiate a battle with everyone else who glances at him in the wrong direction, but his capacity to twist his physique into any form he requires ensures that he would still triumph. He is, nevertheless, such a good warrior that he rarely needs to employ his special powers.

Kanao Tsuyuri – May 19th

Kanao Tsuyuri is 16 years old, yet she has already experienced a lot. Her sad past left her emotionally locked off and hesitant to disclose her feelings. She begins to warm over to the other Demon Slayer Recruits as the book goes, although she likes to remain out of major choices, so she is indeed not deeply attached.

Gen’ya Shinazugawa – January 7th

Gen’ya Shinazugawa may appear older than he is, yet he is just 16 years old. Gen’ya stands at 5 ’11’ ‘ (180.3 cm), making him appear more formidable and older than his Demon Slayer Corps colleagues. In the first season of the program, he is quick to rage, but by the third, he has calmed down. His connection with his older brother (Sanemi) is tumultuous at best.

Sanemi Shinazugawa – November 9th 

Sanemi Shinazugawa is among the original members of the Demon Slayer Corps, being five years older than his younger brother Gen’ya. Sanemi is the Wind Hashira, yet she differs from the other Hashiras in several ways. He has a strong demeanor and a physique to complement. We’re led to assume that Sanemi’s mother was murdered because of his and Gen’ya’s hostility, but we soon find that it was an act of defense. Still, this isn’t enough to mend the brother’s contentious relationship.

Giyu Tomioka – February 8th

Giyu Tomioka is 19 during the initial episodes of season 1. Then, in episode 15 of series 1, we give him another chance. He is 21 years old. He’s among the few individuals we encounter well before the two-year time jump that separates episodes 2 and 3. Giyu, like Sanemi, is a veteran of the Demon Slayer Corps. He’s much more effective at handling his impulses than Sanemi, quite well too. Giyu is the Water Hashira, although he is extremely cautious and silent than the other Hashiras since he is unsure of his skills.

Shinobu Kocho – February 24th

Shinobu Kocho, who is 18 years old, may appear nice and kind at first, but she has learned to control her language in order to penetrate people where everything stings. She is slightly older than Tanjiro, although she has a far stronger dislike for demons because they murdered her sister. Because of her animosity, she has become incredibly cruel with her remarks, knocking people down while smiling sweetly. According to Shonen Road, Shinobu is the Insects Hashira, and whilst also being more youthful than most of the other Hashiras, he is incredibly competent.

Tengen Uzui – October 31st

Tengen Uzui is 23 years old, putting him as one of Demon Slayer’s most senior secondary characters. With his additional years come a slew of negative events, which we’ll learn about as the series continues. Tegen’s dad duped him into murdering his biological brothers, forcing him to reevaluate his circumstances and flee his father’s clutches. Tegen served as the Sound Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps for a few years. Despite the fact that because he’s not the Sound Hashira anymore, he continues to play a significant part in the program.

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