Custom Challenge Coins: Rules and Design


Although challenge coins sometimes look like a simple collection, they have a rich history behind them. In fact, the challenge coin itself is a part of a rich tradition and has its roots in the army. Apart from that, challenge coins can be used in several different ways, such as a game token. Though these coins are primarily military-specific, it has extended to the general public in recent years. Family, group, club, and even some companies are using challenge coins for commemorating special events and achievements. 

If you are looking to buy custom challenge coins, you can have your unique coin made by us. Here are a few interesting facts about challenge coin rules and design and how to use them. 


Know the Challenge Coin Etiquette

In theory, using Challenge Coins sounds easy. After all, the rule is this: the person who last showed the coin in a situation is responsible for paying for the next round of drinks. Sounds easy. If so, the Challenge Coin tradition cannot continue as long as it has done. The reason Challenge Coins are so interesting is that the rules and Challenge Coin Etiquette work together to make things interesting. It is important to follow established rules. This is because if you violate the rules of etiquette, you may be disregarding a long-followed tradition and everyone associated with it. 

Rules of Challenge Coins

The rules of challenge coins are quite straightforward and are as follows: 

Always explain the rules. Make sure all attendees have a clear understanding of how the game works before facing challenges. Otherwise, things quickly get confusing. 

Carry your coins at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule. You can quickly run to the bathroom and catch your trousers, but you are still expected to show your coins. 

The challenge can happen at any time. Even if you are enjoying a good casual shower, if you are challenged, you should be prepared to show your coin. 

The challenger states the terms. The most common challenge is to provide a whole round of drinks for each player. However, sometimes challengers will say that it is a choice for a loser. Make sure you clearly state your intentions. 

Never give away your coin. You need to remember that it is an honor to receive challenge coins. When you give it to someone, you basically consider them worth it. If someone is willing to see your coin, you need to hold it or let people see it on the table. 

Never use your coin as jewelry. Your coin is not a fashion accessory, jewelry, or belt buckle. You should respect the long history of challenge coins and treat them accordingly. In any case, you should not drill a hole. 


Challenge Coin Design

Challenge coins from a variety of different designs. Some come in even different shapes and sizes. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every single coin is unique to the group carrying it. This is why some people work hard for their entire life to collect different coins, especially if they come from military members. Many current and previous service members will showcase coins in their homes. 

For design, many concepts are very natural. This is because they usually represent military platoons and squadrons. Therefore, it is important to capture the essence of service members on the coin. Some colors, numbers, and even phrases are very important to these groups and need to be fully represented on challenge coins. However, design tends to become very heavy when they are involved in civilian groups and working groups. Typically, the design will represent the shared memories, important milestones, and special moments with colleagues, friends, and family. 


That was all about challenge coin etiquette and how you can use it. If you want to buy custom challenge coins, you can always connect with us for unique and excellent designs. 


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