Connected smart homes are essential. The following Internet deals will help.


Our homes will be smarter with Amazon Alexa, which has arrived in Italy. However, what is a smart home without a good internet connection? It is therefore imperative that we prepare for an optimal answer to this (rhetorical) question. In order to navigate well from our home, we need to identify the best offer, but we also need to consider the area.

Technology related to smart homes networks

are smart homes important, since both are present. Around 60-80 percent of Italians have access to ultra-broadband from 30 megabits upward (the range varies depending on whether the provider is Agcom or a telecommunications company). Other options to surf “well” include ADSL (which, however, sometimes suffers from serious speed or reliability problems in less fortunate areas), fixed wireless access, or mobile telecommunications.

The latter choice is also more attractive to those who surf a lot and smart homes well from smart homes since the Iliad entry has led to an increase in the number of GB packages included in the offers and a decline in prices. Our home needs to be covered well by the mobile service.

To have an Offerte internet casa fit for a “smart” home, you need both quality and flat traffic (or almost).
The ideal would be to have ultra-broadband fiber optic internet in every home, but at the moment only 10-15 percent of Italians have this technology available to them. It is an opportunity not to be missed: take that fiber right into the apartment that is covered by the service provider. The connection is of the highest quality. Furthermore, residential optical fiber is generally priced the same as lower-level ultra-broadband connections.

It is therefore advisable to begin by visiting the websites of the main service providers, requesting an estimate, and finding out with which technology they provide service (from the optical fiber in the house). Of course, we want the best providers for our needs.

The price should also be considered, since an internet connection alone (without phone calls) may be sufficient for a smart home.

We will try to adhere to some promotional offers, if possible, for a limited time. Subscribing online generally has an advantage over purchasing in person.

The cheapest TIM promotion is available online.

Tim Connect is available in limited quantities at the price of € 19.90 per month for one year (€ 24.90 thereafter), plus € 6.90 per month for 48 months for the mandatory technical intervention. During the first year we get 1 Gigabit per month (thereafter, if we want to maintain it, we have to pay an additional 5 euros per month or dial down to 30 Megabits). We also get TimVision (streaming movies and TV shows). There is a 24-month contract.

Despite the “limited” promotional price increase, the Connect offer remains the cheapest for this operator, even after discounts that have always existed even if by varying amounts.

It is paradoxically higher for those with ADSL only at the moment: 26.90 per month, 21.90 for the first year (plus Tim Expert).


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