Concrete driveway extension idea


There are many reasons why people want to extend their driveways. They may need more parking space, their driveway is too small for their home, or they might want more room to play basketball. No matter what reason, it is possible to make your driveway wider.

How can you make my driveway bigger?

A concrete driveway extensions is the best way to increase your driveway’s size. This option allows you to have concrete contractors add concrete to the areas you want your driveway to be widened. There are three other options available:

  • Resurface your entire driveway. An experienced contractor can apply a coating to the entire driveway for a uniform look. This will give you a driveway that is beautiful and new. This option will make it impossible to tell the difference between the old and new driveway sections.

You have many options for driveway design when you resurface. Concrete coatings allow you to customize the surface’s color, texture, and pattern after you have widened your driveway. Contractors can create brick-like or cobblestone-like appearances.

  • Paint the entire driveway. This will make the driveway’s old and new sections look the same.
  • Leave concrete as is. The difference between old and new concrete will likely be obvious.

Is there any driveway widening ideas that don’t involve pouring concrete ideas?

These driveway extensions aren’t concrete-based, so you can choose an option that is less permanent than concrete.

Gravel driveway extension

This is a popular option for those who want to extend their driveway inexpensively.

This option has many advantages. It’s an easy-to-install permeable driveway enhancement that you can do yourself. People also love the gravel’s crunchy sound. In the short term, the cost of gravel is lower than if you wanted to add a permanent extension. You should also consider the long-term cost of gravel replacement. Gravel can easily be displaced by rainwater or runoff.

Paver driveway extension

You need to choose whether you want permeable pavers or regular pavers when you are planning to extend your driveway. Although they are more costly, permeable pavers allow for better drainage. They are often made with environmentally-friendly materials.

This is a project that you should do yourself. It is important to determine how many pavers are needed, whether they will need to be cut to fit, how much bedding material you’ll require, and how deep to dig before you place the pavers.

Widening a driveway can increase home value

It’s possible to increase your home’s value if your driveway is narrow. Like all home improvements, the value of your home is determined by the buyer.

You may not be able to increase the home’s value if you are looking to extend a driveway that is already considered standard in size. You should carefully consider the appropriate width for your driveway. You could end up decreasing your home’s value if it is too large.

Do you need planning permission to improve your driving?

The scope of your project will determine whether you require permission to extend your driveway. There are guidelines that residents must follow in order to extend their driveways. You may have to keep a certain amount of landscaping in your yard. It all depends on the municipal code of your city.

You can check the website of your local planning department to find out what you need before starting any type of construction. To avoid a fine if you are within the HOA’s control, you will need to refer to the guidelines.



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