Compelling Advantages Of Text Recruiting


Business spends more than $4000 on average to hire a single new employee. The cost is primarily associated with recruitment efforts like job posting on numerous sites. It is necessary activity but to enhance the efforts recruiters can contact the best candidates directly via text messaging. Recruiters are well aware of the challenge they experience sometimes to find a suitable candidate.

Text recruiting tool like GoHire helps to make the hiring process easy but you need to do it the right way. Recruiters use different strategies like emails, old-fashioned phone calls, and the latest social media in their recruitment process. So, why bother texting? How will mass text make talent acquisition any east for the recruiters? Below are some compelling advantages to using the talent acquisition texting tool.

High response rate

More than 85% of US citizens own a smartphone. On average more than 5 hours are spent on the phone daily. When a text message is sent, the possibility of getting it viewed rapidly is more, when compared to social media posts or email.

According to studies, more than 98% of text messages are read, which means that the open rates are higher than in emails. There may be no response but the text message is seen.

SMS recruiting tool also helps the job seekers to receive needed information without the concerns of it ending in the spam folder or getting misplaced. The information is sent directly to the receiver’s hand device.

Fast process

The hiring process is tedious and lengthy. Texting speeds the process as many receivers will willingly respond right away. The recruiting team can initiate one-on-one communication with interested candidates and move forward with the process rapidly.

Cost-effective alternative

It is expensive to recruit a new employee for every business. Job posting task is time and money-consuming, so you can choose a reliable monthly subscription. When you break down the expense and ROI, it will be discovered that text messaging for talent requisition is a cost-effective way of discovering a competent employee quickly.

Text feels personal

Humans crave relationships and connections including recruitment efforts. The text messaging tool humanizes as well as personalizes candidates’ outreach process. Text messages are generally received every day from friends and family, so texting is a personal kind of communication, which can be capitalized.

With texting, plenty of information can be conveyed in a concise format. The message tone has to be personal but professional to engage the candidate. Customized templates can be used but introduce yourself first to the recipient, so they feel comfortable reading and responding.

No platform is ideal, so make sure to choose the correct text recruiting software. A wrong tool can hinder your recruitment success.

You also need to sharpen your effective text message writing skills. It is crucial to ensure that the right message with the right tone is conveyed to potential candidates. You will even be overwhelmed with the volume of responses after sending job opening messages. However, with an open mind, you will be able to capture some talented candidates for the job.



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