September 26, 2022

Classification of Kitchen

Some homeowners see a kitchen as a place where you can cook up the simple meals you need when you’re not ordering out. Others see it as a place to create and bond with friends and family. However, many people only purchase the bare necessities for working in a kitchen and miss out on more specialized tools. 

For example, bar sinks are a great option for prepping food because they’re versatile and smaller than a traditional kitchen sink. 

Here are some of the different classifications of kitchen equipment that you may or may not have in your home. 

Major Kitchen Equipment

Major kitchen equipment accounts for all the larger objects that help you take on the brunt of your cooking activities. Another name for these larger appliances is cooking equipment. These are the more common objects that most people have in their kitchens by default. 


Unless you’ve worked in a commercial kitchen before, you may not know what a griddle is. Some people get this kitchen tool mixed up with a grill, but they’re not the same at all. 

Griddles function much like a hotplate, except it doesn’t require a pan. It cooks using a heat source underneath, while the food goes directly on top. 

A homeowner may use a griddle if they often cook for a large family or group of friends. It allows you to flip food and cook multiple things at once easily. 


Most people already have an oven of some kind in their kitchen. They’re used for baking, cooking, roasting, and more. The kind people use in houses are usually small rack ovens, either electric or gas powered. 

You can also find a wider variety of ovens in commercial kitchens. One popular option among pizza chefs is the brick oven. It’s specifically designed to cook pizzas slowly and evenly by burning wood. 

Cooking Range

A cooking range is the one-size fits all kitchen equipment. It combines a stove and an oven into a single appliance, which is helpful if you’re working with a smaller space. It’s also more convenient when you’re cooking multiple things at once. 

Cooking ranges come in a wide variety of different features. You can find some with griddles built in, and even ones with an air-frying function. 

Traditional Sinks and Bar Sinks

Sinks are an essential part of any kitchen. They provide water as well as a place to drain liquids. You can find them in a number of different styles, such as combination dishwasher sinks or more simple bar sinks.

Bar sinks are a great addition to a kitchen, whether installed on your kitchen island or your bar. They’re also known as prep sinks due to their role in preparing drinks and meals easier. 


While not considered cooking equipment, a dishwasher is one of the more convenient mechanical appliances in your kitchen. As you know, this appliance washes dishes so you don’t have to do it by hand. 

A dishwasher really shines when you’re cooking larger meals and serving multiple people. Instead of filling up your sink, you can load up your dishwasher to clean everything while you socialize. 


The refrigerator is a mainstay in your kitchen. It’s what most people will first notice when they walk in, and it’s responsible for containing all of your perishables. 

Some fridges have features like purified water and ice dispensing. Expect the more affordable options to offer cold storage and freezer space. 

Minor Cooking Equipment

Minor cooking equipment includes large and small appliances that aren’t quite as necessary as the major ones. While these appliances aren’t essential, they can prove to be mainstays depending on your lifestyle and personal needs.


A juicer is one of the appliances that stands alone from everything else. It extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables for easier consumption. This liquid is claimed to contain all of the important vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals your body needs. 


Fryers come in two main forms: deep and air. A deep fryer uses oil to perform the cooking. An air fryer uses a heating mechanism and fan to achieve the same fried-food results without the need for oil. 

Generally speaking, an air fryer is the healthier option, though it may not provide the same flavor as a deep fryer. 


A mixer is one of the electrical appliances that come in handy if you love to bake. As the name implies, these tools make it much easier to combine different ingredients together in a bowl. They either come in a hand-held form or as a stand mixer. 


A slicer refers to any kitchen appliance that helps you cut up meat, vegetables, or whatever else. Some are handheld, while others should be placed on a table or counter. Depending on the model you buy, there should be an option to change the types of slices you make with it. 

Essentials and Luxury Equipment

Some essentials everyone should have in their kitchen include specialized kitchen knives, a blender, and a toaster or toaster oven. 

Most kitchen knives excel at certain tasks, so you’ll want a whole set of them for all of your food prepping needs. A blender helps when combining items for baking or cooking, as well as for making mixed drinks. Toasters come into play whenever you want toasted bread without heating up the entire oven. 

There are also some luxury items that are more expensive but elevate a kitchen’s functionality. 

For many people, an in-sink dishwasher would be considered a piece of luxury kitchen equipment. While you give up extra space under your sink, you also gain space where a standalone dishwasher would’ve been installed.  


It doesn’t matter what kind of kitchen equipment you own if you don’t take good care of it. Here are some tips for keeping your appliances running smoothly:

  • Use the appropriate cleaner on your stovetop, as the wrong kind may be combustible or toxic
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on stainless steel
  • Give your oven a deep clean every three months
  • Disinfect bar sinks at least once a week
  • Regularly clear out old produce from your fridge to keep it from spoiling your other food

Know Your Kitchen Equipment

While it’s important to know various recipes to cook meals, you may also want to brush up on all your kitchen appliance options. Adding in one or two bar sinks may be just the thing you need to improve your kitchen game. 

Whether you’re a professional or home chef, Torva has you covered. We supply kitchen sinks, accessories, and more. 


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