Does someone keep buying computers? PC sales remain in free fall

When computers began to popularize in the 90s nobody believed that they would be ousted. Microsoft and to a lesser extent Apple managed to make the device not only the business corporations, but to reach the homes of average citizens and society as a whole began to use them. With time other options arose, especially … Read more

Samsung launches The Sero, the first vertical Smart TV

In addition to the TVs that we can see in any store, Samsung has a line of innovative and original Smart TV, which has just received a new member to accompany The Frame or its modular TV Wall Tv: The Sero, 43 inches ready to see vertical videos or Instagram stories in full screen. Samsung … Read more

Photovoltaic panels are also effective on facades

Although it is usual to place the solar panels on the roofs, the energy of the sun that the facades receive could be exploited. Researchers from the University of Burgos have measured the energy potential of photovoltaic installations placed on vertical surfaces and have proven their economic viability. In fact, those facing south would produce … Read more

Xiaomi reveals the new Mi Mural TV: ultra-thin and 65-inch

xiaomi alt

LG’s “Wallpaper TV” could be seeing them with a new competition, since Xiaomi has revealed a new high quality TV, so thin that it could be mistaken for a poster or a picture on the living room wall. The Mi Mural TV uses a 65-inch Samsung screen (the only size available), with 4K resolution and … Read more

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