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By The Numbers: Here’s How Much Bitcoin Michael Saylor Holds

by Peter Marah

Michael Saylor is one of the most vocal supporters of bitcoin and is CEO of MicroStrategy, the company with the largest bitcoin holdings in the world. The CEO has always been a big proponent of the digital asset, taking both a personal and professional stake in the asset.

Michael Saylor

had revealed in 2020 that he holds over 17,000 BTC. At this time, bitcoin was still trading below $30,000 and Saylor had said that he got all of his holdings for an average of $9,882. Bitcoin has since grown over 100% since the CEO made his big reveal, pushing the value of Saylor’s holdings to almost $1 billion.

How Much Is Saylor’s BTC Worth?

Michael Saylor told The Information that he does not believe that anyone should sell any of their bitcoin and that he has actually never sold any of his bitcoin. In his 2020 reveal, he said that he held a total of $17,732 BTC, all of which he had purchased before his company MicroStrategy, had purchased its first bitcoin. At an average trading price of $13,900, Saylor’s holdings were worth a little over $246 million.

Bitcoin is now trading significantly higher than it was when Saylor had made his big reveal, growing as high as $69k at his peak. Presently, the price of BTC is revolving around $48,000. At this present value, the CEO’s bitcoin holdings are now worth over $850 million.

He intends to continue holding these coins as he believes that bitcoin is headed for $6 million apiece. This means that the CEO still expects the cryptocurrency to grow another 12,000% from its current value.

How Much Bitcoin Does MicroStrategy Own?

MicroStrategy boasts the largest bitcoin holdings of any public company. The company had begun accumulating bitcoin in 2019 and has since garnered 122,478 as of its last purchase, bringing the total value of its holdings to over $6.1 billion. All of its BTC were purchased at an average price of $29,861, putting the company firmly in profit at the current value of the asset.

Nonetheless, its CEO had started buying bitcoin before the organization. Saylor uncovered that he had all of his BTC before MicroStrategy had purchased its first bitcoin, adding that his own possessions were displayed to persuade the organization to start putting resources into the computerized resource. check it more

The organization, similar to its CEO, has no designs to sell is BTC. All things being equal, it has started looking towards better approaches to produce yield from the speculation, which Saylor uncovered at a financial backer day show held a week ago.

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