BMW goes for the Tesla Model 3: its electric has 580 horses and more autonomy

The new BMW i4 EV will be just one of the 25 new electric cars that the Bavarian manufacturer is preparing, and beating Tesla is one of the priorities.

Tesla is the reference if we talk about electric cars, so it is not surprising that all brands are preparing their own alternatives to their models. It is something we have already seen with Porsche, which launched the Taycan specifically to attract potential buyers of Model S.


Tesla will have to react, because it is no longer just limited production cars of unknown brands; Some of the most easily identifiable names on the market already have important releases .

BMW is another German brand that is ready to fight Tesla. As Roadshow has leaked, BMW would be preparing a launch that would point directly to the Model 3, but with the name and pedigree associated with the brand.

The BMW that will face the Tesla Model 3

The new model would be the BMW i4 EV, a five-door electric, smaller and more practical than a saloon like the Model S; therefore, it would be more similar in size and appearance to the Model 3.

We can get an idea of ​​how this BMW i4 would be, thanks to the BMW i Vision Dynamics, a concept car presented in 2017 that advanced the manufacturer’s design lines and future technology.
That model looks a lot like Model 3 being a five-door; and the new i4 would be very similar, although the most futuristic design details probably do not end in the final product. In fact, BMW does not define it as a five-door, but as a “four-door coupe”; and is that brands do not like anything more than putting the adjective “coupe” to everything.

The striking thing is that BMW does not want to depend only on its name, and prepares a car with impressive features. Sportsmanship will be beyond doubt with an electric motor of 390 kW, the equivalent of about 530 horses; thanks to this the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will be completed in 4 seconds. The maximum speed will be limited to 190 km / h.

For the batteries, BMW will opt for the so-called “fifth generation”, smaller and denser than previous generations used in its current electric and hybrid like the i3 or the i8. They are also more resistant and can be better integrated into the structure of the car, which makes them safer in the event of a crash.

This will facilitate the installation of the batteries on the floor of the car, making better use of the available space. BMW is confident that this will allow it to reach an autonomy of about 600 kilometers in the WLTP cycle; so I could beat the Model 3 in that aspect. In addition, it will be compatible with a 15 kW fast charge, allowing 80% of charge to be recovered in just 35 minutes.

The new BMW i4 will be just one of the 25 electric cars that BMW plans for the next few years. Before an SUV will arrive, the iX3: the production of the i4 is planned for 2021, but first it will have to be presented in society.

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