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Productivity is no longer restricted to a physical desk with today’s collaborative workplace tools. Conferences may be conducted from home or office, work can be completed team-wide, practical interactive suite of tools, and the workplace can be anywhere you have a Wifi connection.

Today’s employees can communicate, collaborate, and work together more effectively than ever owing to these tools. However, what appears to be a simple collection of software and tools is actually a network of collaborative tech products that are always evolving and come in a variety of forms, each of which has its own distinct capabilities, features, and advantages.

What are collaboration tools?

If you’ve ever worked on an assignment where you had to collaborate with other employees to achieve an objective, you presumably have some understanding of how collaboration tools perform. Working with another person or company to accomplish a goal is referred to as collaboration. With that in mind, we may describe a collaboration tool as a piece of technology that enables individuals to cooperate in order to accomplish a common purpose or objective. A whiteboard in a meeting room that employees gather around to discuss and solve a problem might serve as a simple example of a collaboration tool.

Importance of collaboration tools

Teams may quickly and effortlessly work together on a variety of basic and complex activities with the help of collaboration tools.

Employees are no longer expected to work independently; instead, work collaboratively. This emphasis on collaboration results in higher productivity and efficiency, but it can only be accomplished if you have the best tools to begin with.

These solutions might provide everything from video conferencing for virtual meetings to cloud data storage for coordinating everyday activities, and they all function just as well on mobile devices as they do on laptops and desktops.

Moreover, everything should be simple, understandable, and misunderstanding-free. Regardless of where employees are in the organization, collaboration tools help them understand the capabilities to resolve the same issue with the correct tools in accordance to a practical workflow.

List of top favorite collaboration tools

Here are our top picks for the top online collaboration tools now available so you can get the most out of your team in the collaborative working environment.


Chanty’s proficiency in communication is hard to match, and it is a crucial part of any team’s collaborative efforts. Teams of various sizes can rely on it because of its simple interface and ease of use. Chanty’s quick capabilities let you make audio and video calls with ease.

The Chanty Teambook feature is helpful since it gives you access to all the fundamental project management tools, including shared files, pinned messages, and much more.

Sharing GIFs, social media posts, and YouTube videos that teams may post for fun or even utilize as examples of their work is also a possibility. This reduces the time it takes to switch between various apps. Sharing code snippets is also a breeze owing to the user interface’s developer friendliness.

Finally, you may break down jobs into several phases using the Kanban board layout, which will make your workflow more effective.


For all varieties of teams, ProofHub is a project management platform that enables team collaboration and task planning. ProofHub helps teams do their work more quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to starting projects from scratch, collaborating with stakeholders, maintaining critical documents, and tracking team or project progress with reports, ProofHub unifies everything executives and employees need under a unified platform. Instead of skipping conversations, missing important facts in emails, attending numerous meetings, missing deadlines, and using multiple tools to optimize productivity, ProofHub combines various programs, requiring only one investment and removing complications.


The instant messaging program, Brosix was created specifically for work teams, which can include anywhere from a few to hundreds of members.

Only a handful of tools in the market give complete power over the tool and what your teams can and cannot do, which is one of its most alluring aspects.

As a result, you have total control over every aspect, including who has access to specific Brosix features, who can see which groups, whether employees can create their own profiles, and whether they can even edit their personal information, such as their status as offline or online.

The importance they place on privacy, which is essential for any organization in the industry, is also noteworthy; in fact, all of their network technologies are end-to-end encrypted.

Several other features also include interactive whiteboards, data transfer, voice, and videoconferencing, and screen sharing.


CloudTalk is a simple cloud-based phone system that is utilized by SMEs, startups, scale-ups, and eCommerce businesses to enhance teamwork and consumer experiences. CloudTalk offers more than 50 cutting-edge calling capabilities to help with this. CloudTalk enables businesses to provide top-notch client experiences, which increases their profitability. This is made possible by the technologies they already use and their seamless integration with CloudTalk.

Measuring team performance through ongoing calls while listening in or recording them for later use is one of the primary benefits. With the help of their call center dashboard tool, you can also monitor the development of your workforce. It provides a thorough breakdown of all of your most crucial call center data. Finally, by designing custom fields to record the most pertinent facts and information, you may enable agents to adapt their strategy and cater to specific caller demands.


Everytale is an intuitive platform for virtual events that makes it simple to plan, market, transmit, monetize, and expand any kind of virtual event. Additionally, they provide full-service event solutions, including producing, marketing, and event planning.

The company’s goal is to offer an elevated video communications interface that enables for unlimited access to communication, learning, and career development.

The Everytale platform is easy to use and thoughtfully created for various types of events, including hybrid, semi-live, and virtual. It provides an intuitive UI and a platform for 4K live video transmission.

You receive all the standard capabilities found on competing platforms but with added game-changing features like live language translation, speech transcription, and a global library of recorded content with Everytale.


Every company requires a tool to monitor its operating expenses. The entire pre-accounting process is streamlined and optimized by Fyle, starting with the management of onerous company expenses, invoicing, and the creation of compliant reports for accounting data. All the while making sure your business is constantly audit-ready.

With their user-friendly expenditure management tool, submitting and verifying billing information is as simple as uploading a picture on WhatsApp. Fyle gives administrative staff and financial experts total control and real-time visibility over all business spending.

Additionally, it automates the reimbursement of employee expense claims, balances business credit cards, and connects to other accounting programmes of your choice.

With Flye’s sophisticated expense management application, managing corporate spending is simple and requires no human effort and you save time, effort and any expensive errors on expenditure you monitor.


Executives, employees, managers, and even independent contractors are always looking for ways to increase their output and effectiveness at work. You should be mindful of how you use your time to better arrange it.

To give you a better control of your time at work, Time Doctor keeps a record of all of your everyday activities and gives you real-time, useful information.

Time Doctor’s key features include project and task management, integrations and extensions, comprehensive reports, productivity ratings, silent and interactive time tracking, and much more.

Time Doctor can help your team if they have trouble concentrating on work or keeping proper track of your working hours thanks to its effective features. It helps in identifying the reasons why your team isn’t productive and solving them.


Hive is a useful tool that is both comprehensive and easy to use. Teams can use it as a project management tool to finish work on schedule.

You can organize your plan using the tool, and it also makes it easier to communicate. It makes interprofessional collaboration easier, allowing you to focus more clearly on your work.

Teams no longer need to call one another or have follow-up conversations owing to Hive. Log in to find out who is in charge of what, when deadlines are approaching, and what needs to be done.

Hive is an effective management tool that could aid in boosting business productivity. Utilizing customizable dashboards to monitor project progress and individual activities requires features like work analysis. With Hive’s one platform, you can organize projects, monitor progress, and manage campaigns with ease.

You can get all the tools you need to complete a task by positively collaborating with team members throughout your organization. Hive essentially makes it simple for employees to cooperate and talk to their teams.


Many independent contractors are seeking ways to make the most of their workdays. Flexiple is a calendar application that can be considered like a combination of Google Maps and Uber so freelancers may easily find a service provider in their area. When a service provider is located, users have the option of contacting them directly through the app or instantly scheduling a meeting.

It is also a very helpful piece of software for managing projects and invoices for freelancers. It can be used to provide comprehensive reports and facilitate smooth invoicing and payment processing. Flexiple will assist you in organizing your tasks and making sure that your customers are happy, whether you are a novice or seasoned freelancer.

In a nutshell, Flexiple is an app made to make the job of freelancers more efficient. Many features of the tool include enabling independent contractors to track the time spent on different activities, make invoices without the aid of any other software, and much more. It can also be configured to send out reminders for deadlines and other duties.

Collaborative tools can help your teams succeed

Collaboration tools help the team succeed more as a whole by utilizing the roles and skills of each individual. Any modern instrument that enables one person to collaborate with others in order to further an important goal is valuable for collaboration.

Each team needs different methods of collaborating, but not every team requires the same tools for every activity. Success is easier to achieve the more straightforward collaboration is.

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