Becoming a Controversial Celeb, This is Cardi B’s Life Journey


Becoming a Controversial Celeb, This is Cardi B’s Life Journey

Singer Cardi B is one of the most successful female rappers in the music industry today. The owner of the real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar even managed to win a Grammy Award through his debut album, Invasion of Privacy. At that time, the single “Bodak Yellow” successfully controlled the world charts in 2017.

Full Name:

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar

29 years ago:

October 11, 1992
24 million USD Net worth 2021
Cardi B mother: Clara Almánzar
How old is Cardi B’s daughter: 6 years old in 2021.

In an interview, Cardi B’s Life journey once revealed that her stage name was derived from an alcoholic beverage brand. “My brother’s name is Hennessy, so everyone calls me Bacardi. Then I shortened it to Cardi B, and B has meaning… depending on what day it is,” said Cardi B. Although known for her achievements, Cardi B’s figure has never been separated from controversial stuff.

The twists and turns of Cardi B’s Life journey life so far have been successful. Not only because of her work but also her controversial figure. Turns out, this rapper has had a pretty tough life. Three years ago, Cardi B caused a stir in the entertainment world for getting into a heated argument with Nicki Minaj at a prestigious event. cardi b month: Clara Almanzr Instagram.

Now, Cardi B‘s old video has appeared again, which contains her confession of drugging and robbing men. The video was hotly discussed again even though it happened five years ago. This former stripper also spoke about it. Through Instagram live, Cardi B expressed her frustration. She said that she is not a perfect person. ”I’m not a Disney star. I’m not a nun. I’m not a saint. I have a good heart but I’m done with all this,” said Cardi B with a disgusted tone.

Glancing back at Cardi B’s career in the entertainment world, let’s see how hard it was for this rapper to reach the peak of popularity.

Was a member of a gang

Reporting from various sources, Cardi B had entered the popular Los Angeles gang network when she was 16 years old. Teenage Cardi B became a member of a gang called Bloods and she grew up in that circle.

Worked as a stripper

Three years after joining the gang, Cardi B began a new job, which was being a stripper. She was forced to do this because she had to meet the needs of her life.

Despite her dark past, Cardi B never covered up or lied about it. She is often criticized for this job but she chooses to be open about his past.

Apparently, Cardi B’s videos are popular and she has so many followers that she is known as a celebrity.

Entered the world of music

Cardi B decided to stop being a stripper. She started a new career in the music world. At first, she changed the song belonging to the Jamaican singer, Shaggy. Apparently, Cardi B was judged to have a talent for changing songs and she began to hone her skills. Until now, Cardi B is a famous story on as a star in the music industry.

Get famous on Instagram

2013 was a turning point for Cardi B. At that time, she started actively making short videos on Instagram. The themes varied, ranging from her job as a stripper to tips to focus on making money. 

Her marriage

Her marriage to Offset is known to be one of the most controversial things Cardi B has ever done. The on-and-off relationship with Offset since October 2017 continues to this day. The singer who was born on October 11, 1992, had filed for divorce from Offset. However, recently both of them were caught on camera spending time together at a striptease club in the Atlanta area, USA.

At the 28th birthday party, the two even made out as if nothing had happened in their marriage. Not only that, at the celebration of the birthday party, Cardi B also created a new controversy after accidentally uploading a topless photo on Instagram Story.

A number of fans actually gave support to Cardi B by uploading similar photos to cyberspace. This incident of uploading a topless photo has even become a trend among Cardi B fans. Despite the various controversies, Cardi B is still an accomplished rapper. She also recently collaborated with BLACKPINK on the song “Bet You Wanna”.

So… it seems that Cardi B leaked doesn’t have any effect on his career. Instead of plunging her, the controversy actually increased her popularity.


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