Are Vograce custom wooden pins stickers waterproof?

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Vograce is a well-known brand that specializes in the production of custom-made wooden pins, stickers, and other merchandise. Their products are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and for good reason. They offer a wide range of high-quality products that are customizable to meet the needs of their customers.One of the most common questions that people have about Vograce’s custom wooden pins and stickers is whether or not they are waterproof. This is an important question to ask, especially if you plan on using your pins or stickers outdoors, or in environments where they may be exposed to moisture.The short answer to this question is that yes, Vograce’s custom wooden pins and stickers are waterproof. However, there are a few important caveats to keep in mind.

They provide unique stickers

It’s important to note that not all wooden pins and stickers are created equal. Some brands may use lower-quality materials or manufacturing processes that can affect the durability and waterproofness of their products.Vograceis known for using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes that ensure the longevity and waterproofness of their products. They use a variety of techniques to ensure that their wooden pins and stickers are able to withstand exposure to moisture and other environmental factors. Vograce custom stickers are an excellent option for small businesses looking to promote their brand. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and resist peeling and fading. They are also weather-proof and will last up to two years. And they can be printed on one or both sides of an acrylic sheet and with a white backing to avoid staining. They’re also easy to remove and are available in various colours.

One of the key factors that contributes to Vograce’s waterproof wooden pins and stickers is the use of a special coating on the surface of the product. This coating is designed to repel water and other liquids, which helps to protect the wooden pin or sticker from damage.Another important factor to keep in mind is that the level of waterproofness may vary depending on the specific product. For example, a wooden pin may be more waterproof than a sticker, due to the differences in the materials and manufacturing processes used. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and read reviews from other customers before making a purchase. This will give you a better idea of the quality and performance of the products, and help you make an informed decision.

They produce custom keychains

If you plan on using your Vograce wooden pins or stickers in a particularly harsh or wet environment, it’s always a good idea to take additional precautions to protect your products. For example, you may want to consider using a clear, waterproof sealant on the surface of your wooden pin or sticker to provide an additional layer of protection.Another important consideration is the type of adhesive used on the back of the sticker. While Vograce uses a high-quality adhesive that is designed to hold up well in wet conditions, it’s always a good idea to test the adhesive on a small area before using the sticker in a wet environment.

It’s also worth noting that the durability and waterproofness of Vograce’s wooden pins and stickers may be affected by how well they are cared for. For example, if you expose your products to harsh chemicals or abrasives, it can cause damage to the surface of the pin or sticker that can compromise its waterproofness.To ensure the longevity and waterproofness of your Vograce products, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. This may include avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, keeping your products dry when not in use, and storing them in a cool, dry place. If you’re looking for high-quality, waterproof wooden pins or stickers, Vograce is definitely a brand to consider. Their products are known for their durability and resistance to moisture, making them a great choice for a wide range of applications.

They provide good customer support

They use recycled crude oil for their manufacturing process and have exterior inspections to ensure the quality of their products. This is a more sustainable method than producing the same products from scratch, which requires more energy to manufacture and transport. These products are not 100% biodegradable and require energy to break down and recycle. This can cause further damage to the environment. Custom synthetic wood pin badges are the way to go if you’re looking for a unique and affordable way to promote your business or organization. They are a great way to advertise your brand without spending too much money and are eco-friendly. They’re a fun and clever way to show off your creative side, so you should consider using them for your next campaign or event.

Unlike other companies that produce their products in China, Vograce makes its custom acrylic keychains using durable materials and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best product possible. They have a team of experienced designers and artists who work hard to create high-quality products. Their team asks questions to understand their client’s needs and creates design concepts that match those needs. Their products are made in China, but they ship internationally via air or cargo ships. They are also odourless, durable, and reusable. They are also eco-friendly, which is important because they use less energy to ship them.


Vograce’s custom wood pins and stickers are waterproof and highly durable, thanks to their use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. However, it’s important to take additional precautions when using these products in wet or harsh environments, and to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure their longevity. The company has a team of experienced designers dedicated to making the best products possible. They also respect customer privacy and design copyright. They use a diamond-cut process to make their products, which reduces cutting marks and blemishes, so you can be confident that your custom wooden pins are top-notch.


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