September 25, 2022

The term “clicky” is used to describe mechanical switches as having a high level of tactility and sensitivity. This sensitivity makes the keyboard feel more “clicking” as if someone or something is hitting the keys (think of it as “hearing” keys being clicked). You may also see the term “soft,” “silent,” “lively,” or even “fast.” All are terms used to refer to the feeling when pushing down on the keys.

While “clicky” can be a good thing, I believe that it is overused and oftentimes overhyped. Some people will tell you how they want their keyboard to feel, but for some reason, they will not do what it takes to achieve that. They are afraid that their keyboard will be too loud because they are not familiar with how different mechanical keyboards feel. As a result, they have never really been given the option to choose a different feel.

In my experience, I have found that if a keyboard is not labeled as “clicky,” but you feel like it has a lot of tactility, you won’t get the quality sound from it that you are expecting. So, while I’m sure that there are some very nice ones out there that are marketed as “clicky,” you probably won’t feel that they are.

There are many gamers who prefer the feel of a mechanical keyboard for their home or office computer. A mechanical keyboard typically has a different set of keys than the standard keyboards. They can make a distinct click when pressed down. While not all mechanical keyboards are clicky, there are some that are. If you’re unsure, do an internet search on the topic and you will find plenty of information out there.

Is a wireless gaming keyboard worth it?

Are you a gamer who spends all day typing on the computer? Have you ever wanted a wireless gaming keyboard? A wireless gaming keyboard makes gaming easy… because it doesn’t have to plug into your computer. You just turn it on, and play! That’s right. The new wireless gaming keyboard uses technology that lets it stay plugged in without it. So you can game all day long, without having to move away from the computer. This is nice because when your computer gets hot it’ll slow down. Or even melt! And a wireless gaming keyboard lets you move around freely while keeping a cool gaming environment. The only thing you’ll notice is that the wireless gaming keyboard gives you greater control. So why wait? Get yourself one today!

  1. Gaming keyboards don’t make you better at typing (or any other task for that matter). They do not improve your typing speed or accuracy and they have been proven to not work as a “crutch” to help overcome the effects of a slow keyboard.
  2. When you consider how much money people are spending on these types of products, there is no benefit to them. You can type faster on an external keyboard without worrying about damaging your fingers and it will also allow you to type in any position – even if your arm is tired. If you’re interested in using your keyboard as a crutch and playing games then there are plenty of options out there.

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