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Anime series Dec Dence is Natsume

by hira umair
Dec Dence is Natsume

The protagonist of anime series Dec Dence is Natsume, a Tanker who longs to avenge her father’s death by becoming a Gear. Unfortunately, her right arm was lost in the same battle that took her father’s life, so this dream is complicated by this fact. Natsume’s instructor and classmates laugh at her because she has a mechanical prosthetic, and they think she doesn’t have the “sound mind” and body to join the Gears. Natsume, defeated but unyielding, is sent to learn armor repair from Kaburagi, a mysterious and reclusive man with an unknown agenda. In spite of its heavy-handed approach to exposition, Deca-pilot Dence’s episode contains several intriguing mysteries that hint at a universe far more expansive than the one we see so far.


The anime series Dec Dence is still fairly new to the airwaves as of the beginning of the month of July in the year 2020. As fans, there are a few things that you absolutely must be aware of. The series tackles topics such as pollution and global warming, as well as the perennially popular concept of futuristic cyborgs and robots in anime. Due to the fact that the show is still relatively new, there are a lot of fascinating aspects of its creation, development, and production that have not yet been discussed in depth.


Since it’s about humans fighting monsters that have wiped out most of humanity, you can expect some bloodshed. However, the makers of Deca-Dence were adamant that it not be a gratuitously violent show. Because of this, even Gadol, who is responsible for a great deal of death and destruction, was made to look a little bit cuter.

They were supposed to resemble spiders and dragons, but the designers toned them down to make them look cute while still being terrifying. The goal was to make them look like something the endearing robots in diapers would design.

In the far future, humanity has been nearly wiped out in a war against the mysterious Gadol. The few people who managed to escape work together to construct a mobile fortress they’ve named Dec Dence and use it as a base to launch an assault on their enemies. As a child, Natsume dreamed of becoming a soldier, but now she is forced to serve the uncaring armorer Kaburagi. While at work one day, however, they encounter the Gadol, and Natsume sees Kaburagi single-handedly dispatch them one by one.

Many years have passed since the mysterious Gadoll life forms nearly wiped out humanity. As a result of the Gadol invasion, the remaining humans have taken refuge in Dec Dence, a mobile fortress that is 3000 meters in height.

The people of Decadence can be roughly divided into two groups: Gear, the warriors who face the Gadoll every day, and Tanker, the peaceable citizens. Tanker Natsume, who secretly wishes to become a Gear, runs into the grumpy Deca-dence armor repairman Kaburagi one day. What seems like an unlikely meeting between a girl who never gives up on her dreams and a man who has given up on his has the potential to change the world for the better.

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