Actor Fred Ward dies. He had the right stuff in movies from ‘Tremors’ to ‘The Player’

LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 08 : Actor Fred Ward poses for a photo at Leo Carillo State Park on February 08, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Grecco)

Entertainer Fred Ward has kicked the bucket, as per his marketing specialist, Ron Hofmann.

The star, who carried polite roughness to films that incorporated The Right Stuff, Henry and June and The Player passed on Sunday, May 8 at 79 years old. No reason for death was given.

Ward carried repositories of delicacy to his troublemaker jobs, and a lot of road believability. A previous fighter, logger and short-request cook who served in the U.S. Flying corps, Ward went to acting school and got his beginning when he moved to Rome as a young fellow and functioned as an emulate, then, at that point, a voice-over entertainer. That prompted a couple of appearances in TV creations by Italian neorealist pioneer Roberto Rossellini. Ward made his U.S. film debut as a convict close by Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz in 1979.

“The novel thing about Fred Ward is that you never knew where he planned to spring up, so eccentric were his vocation decisions,” Hofmann wrote in an email. “He could play such different characters as Remo Williams, a cop prepared by Chiun, Master of Sinanju (Joel Gray) to turn into a relentless professional killer in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, or Earl Bass, who, close by Kevin Bacon, fight goliath, worm-like beasts hungry for human tissue in ‘faction’ repulsiveness/satire movie, Tremors (1990), or a criminal investigator in the non mainstream movie Two Small Bodies (1993) coordinated by underground producer Beth B., or a fear monger wanting to explode the Academy Awards in The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994), or the dad of the lead character in Jennifer Lopez’s retribution spine chiller Enough (2002).”

Ward is made due by his significant other of 27 years, Marie-France Ward and his child Django Ward.


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