Accessories for a Blue Dress: Footwear, Handbag

Accessories for a Blue Dress: Footwear, Handbag
Accessories for a Blue Dress: Footwear, Handbag

As summer arrives with its warm temperatures, simplicity becomes the preferred choice in dressing. Your wardrobe likely consists of plain or floral dresses that beautifully highlight your figure. However, when it comes to wearing a solid-colored blue formal dress, the question arises: how should it be adorned? Your deepest desire is to balance simplicity and elegance, particularly with the fancy blue dresses that will grace this summer in various classic or vibrant shades.

From electric blue to royal blue and timeless navy blue, these shades take center stage this season. The abundance of blue dresses for women might make you anxious about selecting the perfect accessories to complement your favorite blue formal dress (take a look at the selection of gowns on the itsMilla website: it’s impressive!). To alleviate any concerns, we are here to guide you on the suitable accessories to accompany a lovely blue dress.

Which Footwear Should You Wear With Your Blue Dress?

Footwear holds a paramount position among accessories. Closed or open, laced or tied with ribbons, the right shoes can effortlessly complement your blue evening dress, provided they are chosen according to the occasion. The ideal shoe color might vary based on the shade of blue: 

  • electric;
  • navy;
  • royal, or any other.

But a general rule of thumb is to opt for bare, black, gold, or silver leather shoes with blue garments. However, exercise caution that they don’t exude excessive brightness or flamboyance.

Which Handbag Should Accompany Your Blue Dress?

Having settled on the shoes, your attention now turns to selecting a handbag that completes the dark or light blue dress while reflecting your personal style. Consider the nature of the event influencing your search: if it entails a ceremony, such as a wedding or a formal gathering, a small handbag is a suitable choice. Conversely, if you find yourself attending a barbecue or picnic with friends, a discreet canvas bag will dutifully house your belongings, ensuring subtlety.

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