A Guide to Finding glasses for your face shape


With the appropriate frames, any guy can look instantly stylish. The one catch? It can be confusing to shop for new glasses when so many options are available online. We’re here to guide you on which men’s glasses will flatter your face. We’ve compiled a sample of attractive glasses frames for men’s face shape and found some suitable poses. Apply the advice below to locate the ideal pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for your needs and preferences.

What Type Of Glasses Frame Looks Best On A Man’s Face

The assortment of fashionable eyewear online is impressive, but how well would they fit your face? When it comes to eyewear, you must ensure you get a frame that complements your facial features. By reading on, you can discover which types of men’s eyewear complement your face shape.

Prescription eyewear tailored to the unique facial structures of males

You may wonder, “Do glasses look good on men?” if you’ve never worn them before. Most women actually find males who wear glasses to be quite sexy. However, you won’t be able to do so until you purchase men’s glasses tailored to your face. As a result, you’ll know what trends to support and which to abandon. 

Men’s frames from SmartBuyGlasses cater to a wide variety of male facial structures, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to update their look. I will assist you in identifying a look that complements your inherent symmetry.

Men’s glasses for a round face

Frames with sharp angles and flat lenses can make your face appear sleeker and more manly. Make sure the lenses are squared off, though, as this will help to counteract any roundness in your face. A man with a round face should avoid wearing thick frames, do not wear these unless you want to look like you’re drowning in your glasses.

Men’s glasses for a square face 

Your face may have sharp angles and a strong jawline. Round glasses have a softer, more approachable vibe than your square face. Additionally, aviator frames are a great way to soften the sharp edges of your face. You can’t go wrong with these spectacles if you’re a man with a square face.

Men’s glasses for an oval face

You’re free to experiment with any glasses shape you like. Those blessed with an oval face shape will find that their features complement various frame shapes. Don’t forget to try on some large spectacles, too, because they were designed specifically for your perfect facial proportions.

Men’s glasses for a heart-shaped face

Your profile is desirable because of your wide cheekbones and slim chin. However, your unusual symmetry makes your face challenging to photograph. Choose glasses with a slight curve or round shape to soften a sharp chin. The upper part of your face doesn’t need any extra attention, so semi-rimless glasses will also do the trick.

Men’s glasses for an oblong-shaped face

Look for frame options that add width to your symmetry if you have an oblong face. You can wear either round or square frames, but keep the silhouettes large. Don’t go for thin frames because they’ll make your face look ridiculously stretched. Frames with contrasting colors and materials will shorten the appearance of your face while adding an edgy, dramatic quality. Your straight cheek line will look great with either oval or wayfarer frames, typically worn by men with elongated faces.

Men’s glasses for a narrow face

You should look for spectacles that don’t make your face look smaller but give it more dimension and poise. Glasses with rectangular lenses are ideal for men with narrow faces because of their lower profile. They make you seem sophisticated while maintaining a modest profile. Try a pair of rimless or transparent spectacles to make a statement with your appearance.

So now you know what type of face shape you have and which glasses look best on you! Still unsure? Try browsing SmartBuyGlasses and using their Virtual Try-On tool to determine your face shape and try men’s glasses on digitally!


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