A Guide To Choosing A Brand-New Logo Mat For Your Company


There is always a distinct brand identity driving the success of a company. In today’s more globalized and unpredictable economy, having strong brand recognition is becoming increasingly vital. To do this, you will need to successfully express your brand whenever and wherever you have the chance. For the purpose of developing and preserving a favorable public perception of your brand, it is essential to present your marque in the most favorable light possible at every touch point.

When customers enter your establishment for the first time, this is an ideal time to showcase your company’s brand logo and/or other important messaging. SuperScrape Impressions Outdoor Logo Mats allow you to do so. It’s all about making a good first impression!

The addition of logo floor mats is an excellent choice for any lobby or reception area. Our bespoke floor mats are created on cutting-edge digital printers to ensure the highest quality. This ensures clean designs that are not only useful but also aesthetically beautiful. Your guests will be greeted with a smile when they see the customized floor matting goods you’ve created utilizing a near-limitless selection of brilliant colors and textural effects. Fading, shading, and three-dimensional imagery are all possible effects of logo mat printing. Make an impact that will remain with your customers by having a mat made with your company’s logo.

Make sure you take some time to go over our selection of Hog Heaven mats, which are widely regarded as the best indoor and outdoor mats available. Alternately, you can construct your own unique Waterhog Mat using the company’s revolutionary in-lay printing technique and obtain laser-cut perfection.

Mat With A Recessed Berber Supreme Logo

When it comes to entryways that get a lot of foot traffic and could use some brand power, the Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Mats are the best option. On a Berber carpet that will last for years, you may proudly display your corporate logo, motto, or vital safety information. You may display your company’s logo, name, motto, or a critical safety message without reducing traction or the ability to clean without damaging the surface. There is no other substance that offers more effective control over dirt, debris, and moisture. This new design allows for the installation of the logo mat within a recess in the floor, which allows it to lie flush and ensure a safe and even path.

Rubber Scraper Logo Mat

Rubber Scraper Mats are constructed out of Nitrile rubber that is one hundred percent of the whole material, making them exceptionally slip resistant even when wet. The pictures on the logo mat are heat pressed into the surface, making them resistant to scratches.

  • Textured rubber cleats aggressively scrape off dirt and filth from shoes and give improved resistance to slipping, in addition to the former benefit.
  • Anti-static Nitrile rubber will not fracture or curl under normal conditions.
  • Functions admirably well both indoors and outside.
  • To clean yourself, either shake your hair or hose yourself down, or inquire about our laundry service.

Supreme Carpet Logo Mat

Produced utilizing computerized MasterWeaveTM tufted technique and Perma-DyeTM dying technology, this exceptional carpet logo mat provides the longest-lasting brilliant colors with the highest density nylon yarn and High Definition (HD) quality thanks to its construction.


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