8 Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore an Organic Hair Colour


Ever wondered how an organic hair color is better than a non-organic one? An organic hair dye is not only a healthy choice for you but it is also beneficial for the environment. By using an organic hair color you prohibit the sale of harmful chemicals. Let’s read the 8 major factors on why organic hair color is always a winner against the others:

  1. 100% natural: Organic hair dye is made up of different herbs which protect our hair from damage. The basic herbs used in an organic hair dye are Chamomile, Henna, Manjistha, Indigo, Amla, Fenugreek, Brahmi and Colorless Henna. Their mixture forms a permanent, natural solution for bringing back unhealthy hair to health. The formula has been traditionally used in almost every second Indian household. Every herb mentioned above has its own unique quality for betterment of hair and scalp.
  2. Hair treatment: All the herbs used for making an organic hair color nourish your hair from the root and boost hair growth. Since there are no chemicals involved so it cannot cause any kind of skin problems. Otherwise, non-natural products can cause major skin diseases and in some people even cancer.
  3. Natural look: The look that you get after applying an organic hair dye is absolutely stunning in the subtlest of ways. You get the perfect natural look along with a smooth, healthy finish. It, thus, compliments most outfits.
  4. Reasonable and handy: The organic hair color is quite cheap as compared to many reputed non-organic hair selling brands. Also, you can easily apply it at home without creating any mess. It dries fast and washes off very easily.
  5. Long-lasting effects: As you know that by applying an organic hair color it not just hides the white hair but also protects the hair from damage. The color lasts for 4 weeks easily depending on hair quality. But, the softness and growth remains long after the color has gone.
  6. No unnatural smells: The non-organic brands have an unnatural smell as they are made up of chemicals like ammonia and pesticides. That smell can be really irritating sometimes. But, an organic hair dye has no such smell. It is natural and fresh. This is also the reason why an organic hair dye can be stored for longer vis-à-vis the generic hair dyes.
  7. Environmental friendly: We should always act as responsible citizens while choosing our best organic hair color. We must ensure that whatever we use is eco-friendly. Choosing an organic hair color will definitely be one good step in making our environment healthy and happy to survive.
  8. No bleaching: Chemical-based hair colors require bleaching before applying the color, which is why it becomes a time taking procedure. Organic hair dyes, on the other hand, don’t require such elaborate steps. Also, bleaching causes a lot of damage to the hair and so the organic products work as the real saviors.

Hence, Indus valley organic hair color serves both quality as well as quantity. Before embarking on your hair regimen it is of utmost importance that you choose the right product at the very outset. Experimenting might look attractive initially, but it can cause many big problems later on. Experimenting with an organic hair dye, therefore, is always the safest option.


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