7 Windows & Mac Myth-Busting Facts You Should Know


Mac Myth-Busting Fact

There is a constant debate between Windows and Mac OS. Apple is majorly famous for the efficiency and security of its products, while Windows users complain about the overpricing of Apple products. 


With all these heated debates among people, there are also many misconceptions and myths regarding Mac. So, in this article, we will debunk these myths.


Mac Batteries Don’t Last Long


This is a very big misconception among people that a Mac battery doesn’t last long. Apple designs lithium-ion batteries that are bigger and last longer. They can charge more efficiently, and there is no need to fully discharge your battery to charge it. 


The new M1 Macs are even more energy-efficient; they can last up to 16 hours, which is much better than MS Windows. You can even extend the battery life of your Mac if you charge your battery more often between uses. After 1000 cycles of charging the battery, its life reduces. 


You can check the number of cycles charging by going to the Option key and clicking the Apple menu. Click on System Information, then go to the Hardware section and select power. Your current cycle of charging count will be there in the Health Information section.


Macs Aren’t Powerful Enough


Some people feel that Mac isn’t powerful enough just because of its compact and thin design. While Mac just proves the opposite of it. Despite having a sleek design, Mac works on their native software and solid hardware. 


It can even run multiple applications flawlessly. Not only this, Macs are even much more powerful when they are old. You can always get the latest apps on your laptop, irrespective of which OS you hold. 


Macs Are Difficult to Use

Many people don’t buy Macs just because they feel like Macs are difficult to use. But that is not the case. In fact, Macs are as easy as Windows computers to operate. There is no additional software needed to use Mac, unlike MS Windows, which includes third-party software to make things work. 


The availability of Dock also makes it easier to operate and customize than any other OS. People who had used both have also agreed that Macs are easier to use as compared with windows.


Macs Are Not Good for Gaming


Many users believe that Macs are not good for gaming. It’s true that Macs, until recently, didn’t have a discrete graphics card in their system, but the latest Mac models come with Nvidia chips that make them good for gaming. 


They can also be used for graphic designing and animation works. If you are finding it difficult to play your favorite game on Mac, then try playing it online. For optimal gaming, you should take a look at Other Storage and clean all the junk and duplicate files stored there to make more storage space.  


Macs Can Also Run Windows


Yeah, it’s true that you can also run Windows on a Mac operating system. So, if you are used to Microsoft operating system, then this is good news for you. Boot camp is a built-in Mac OS utility that allows the user to run Windows on their Mac by assigning a partition to the former operating system. 


You can also choose to switch between any of the operating systems as per your own preference and requirements.


Macs Are Expensive

Many people compare Macs and Windows computers and, in the end, choose to opt for the latter just because of the higher price range of Mac. Well, for this, we need to understand the market share of both the operating systems. Microsoft holds nearly 90 percent of the market share, while Apple holds Mac Myth-Busting Fact less than 10 percent. 


A huge market share difference creates a lot of prices ranging between different dealers, and due to the availability of multiple pricing options, many people end up Mac Myth-Busting Fact opting for Microsoft rather than Mac.


It would also be not wrong to say that the repair cost of Mac is more expensive than Windows, such as if there is a battery problem in your device, you can get a new battery for a Windows device at a much lesser cost than going for a repair in Mac’s battery.


Mac Is More Stable Than Windows


For comparison, it depends on which operating system you are talking about. If you are talking about Windows XP, then it won’t be wrong to say that it was one of the most stable operating systems so far, but the later version of Windows Vista was full of problems and crashes, and that’s why it didn’t get much appreciation from Windows users. 

While Windows launched many successful operating system versions post XP, they are known to be quite popular and much stable. The one thing that makes a huge difference between Windows and Mac is that Apple not only makes software but also hardware for their computers, and that is the main reason that increases the compatibility factor in Mac.


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